Whitney Cummings’ Boyfriend Miles Skinner

Miles Skinner

Miles Skinner is the proud boyfriend of comedian and actress, Whitney Cummings -whom you may have seen on Netflix, on her comedy special “Can I Touch It?”

Mile’s lady is one to take action, the 36-year-old stopped extortion efforts by posting a photo of her breast to social media.
A Washington D.C. native born September 4, 1982; Whitney attended the University of North Carolina, transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated magna cum laude in 2004 with degrees in communications and film.

She appeared in the 2008 film Made of Honor and released her Comedy Central stand-up special, Whitney Cummings: Money Shot, in 2010. She also gained exposure as a cast member on Punk’d. Whitney also created and starred in the NBC sitcom Whitney, which premiered in 2012, and co-created the CBS sitcom, 2 Broke Girls. She was also a producer and writer for the reboot of Roseanne.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

She and boyfriend Miles Skinner have been dating for a few years and are currently engaged. The handsome tattooed Skinner proposed in front of her beloved rescue horse, King, and the comedienne was in complete shock. “This is so weird. I would have gotten a manicure. What is happening? Is this real?” she said.

Miles Skinner is the group creative director of VICE Media and also serves as the creative director of VICE’s creative services subsidiary, VIRTUE Worldwide. In addition to being the creative director for VICE, he’s also a freelance brand strategist for companies like Nike, Ralph Lauren, the New York Rangers, and the New York Knicks.
According to his LinkedIn, he attended Parsons School of Design where he studied Communication and Media.
In addition, Skinner is an animal activist. He is a dog lover and supports other causes: human rights, social action, and economic empowerment.

Miles began dating the funny lady in early 2017 after meeting on a dating app.

Whitney Cummings boyfriend Miles Skinner net worth

Whitney Cummings boyfriend Miles Skinner holds an impressive resume working as a marketing executive for several years.
Sources online estimate his annual earnings at $80k and his net worth at somewhere between $500 and $800k.

What does Whitney Cummings boyfriend Miles Skinner do now?

Whitney Cummings boyfriend Miles Skinner, currently serves as a Creative Director + Strategist.

Miles who developed a reputation for strengthening businesses in strategy, design, communication, and effectiveness; specializes in developing effective missions, strategies, and marketing for established and developing brands.

In the past, according to his LinkedIn, he worked at Vice Media as an executive director; while there he worked on Post-CSR / Social Impact research + creative via global brand partnerships targeting late Millennials and Generation-Z.

Brands he’s worked with include; Nike, Adidas Originals, Under Armour, Apple, Samsung, Master & Dynamic, Goldman Sachs, Faraday Future, Hennessy, Bud Light, Tequila Avion, Jockey, Dos Equis, Wrigley, The New York Knicks, The New York Rangers, Neuehouse, Runa, The Juice Press, Wheels Up, Rolls Royce, Ralph Lauren, PepsiCo.

Skinner is a graduate from Parsons School of Design, where he studied Communication and Media Studies from 2004 -2007.

Whitney Cummings Net Worth time line

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Whitney Cummings who did some modeling work in her youth, was discovered by MTV producers and was cast in what would be her breakout roll in Ashton Kutcher’s, “Punk’d.” S

he then went on to land starring rolls in several TV shows and movies.

In 2011, she co-created and produced the NBC TV Show “Whitney”. The show aired 38 episodes from 2011 to 2013.

The majority of Whitney’s net worth actually comes from the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” which she co-created and has since been sold widely into syndication around the world. Whitney also earned fees as a creator and producer while the show was airing.

Whitney Cummings Net worth 2021

According to online sources, Whitney Cummings has done quite well for herself, her net worth in 2021 is estimated to be $30 million.

Whitney Cummings Book deal

Whitney Cummings is also the author of a book, for her work she has been described as a “a truly hilarious, keenly insightful and endlessly entertaining author.’

Her first book, I’m Fine…And Other Lies, came out in 2017 and it was published by Penguin Publishing Group. As described on the book, it is a hilarious personal account of the life, times, and crippling anxiety of the rising star comic, actress, writer, producer, and director.

She writes honestly of the self-inflicted suffering she endured during a 15-year bout with an eating disorder, the near-rape by an ex-boyfriend, and an assault by a stranger after which she didn’t think to seek therapy.
When she eventually began working with a therapist later in life, she found one who encouraged her discuss the incident for the first time. She also learned to identify damaging behavior patterns using, among other tools, the Grinberg Method, which encourages people to cry out repressed grief.

Whitney Cummings TV deals

Whitney Cummings has multiple television series and films under her belt.
The comedian is the co-creator of the television shows Whitney -which ran from 2011 to 2013 on NBC; and CBS’ 2 Broke Girls.

After getting her start as a stand-up comic, Whitney’s very own CBS sitcom became wildly successful; she served at the creator, writer, and executive producer. She had previously signed a development deal with NBC; “2 Broke Girls” ran from 2011 to 2017.

Whitney’s TV deals, also includes, hosting a talk show; Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings, on E! in 2012.

Whitney Cummings TBS deal

2 Broke Girls ran from 2011 to 2017. During its run, the show produced 138 episodes over six seasons. In June 2012 the series was first sold into syndication for what was a then-record $1.7 million per-episode fee. TBS won the rights after outbidding several other networks.
By the time 2 Broke Girls ended its run, it had aired 138 episodes. At $1.7 million per episode, TBS forked over $235.6 million for rights to the first syndication run. Those rights will come up for renewal again after roughly a decade.

Whitney Cummings standup comedy special deals

Cummings is well known for her standup comedy specials for HBO and Netflix, Comedy Central Roasts.
Her hour-long comedy specials include: Money Shot, I Love You, I’m Your Girlfriend, and Can I Touch It? (Can I Touch It? is available to watch on Netflix and has allowed Cummings’ crude humor to be available to a wider fanbase.

Her first one-hour stand up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award. Her second stand-up special, Whitney Cummings: I Love You, debuted on Comedy Central in 2014 and she shot a third hour for HBO which aired in 2016.

Whitney Cummings house

In 2011 she spent $1.49 million on a home in Studio City, California.

Around the summer of 2019, it was reported that she spent $4.3 million on a home in Woodland Hills, California in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

The house also features floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the house with natural light, a huge kitchen island, and sliding doors to join the indoors with the outside.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

It also has a fireplace, bar, and a minimalist modern finish. The house sits on 4 acres of prime land. Outside, there is a huge swimming pool, a sports court, a grilling area, and an outdoor kitchen.

Whitney Cummings Ventures and Investments

Whitney Cummings ventures and investments include her podcast and her debut as a movie director.

Whitney Cummings podcast

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Joining in the trend, Cummings launched her very own podcast in 2019, titled ‘Good for You’
On the show, she interviews guests (friends, comics, celebs, experts, weirdos) every week.

Whitney Cummings filmmaker

Cummings made her directorial debut with the indie comedy The Female Brain.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Based on a nonfiction work of the same name by a neuropsychiatrist named Dr. Louann Brizendine about how the genders play self-destructive roles in the pseudo-science of sexual combat, the movie features Cummings as a neuropsychiatrist named Dr. Julia Brizendine, whose first name has been changed for reasons known only by the two women but never revealed.

Julia is currently heading a research project to study the ways men and women differ from each other because of a meticulously diagrammed and monumentally boring list of neurochemicals in their minds. The focus is on three couples so dysfunctional it’s a miracle they can make a grocery list.

Whitney Cummings Charity and philanthropy

Whitney Cummings is known to support numerous charities and foundations such as; CHIME FOR CHANGE, Equality Now, Friars Foundation, Human Rights Campaign, Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation, Operation Smile, Terrence Higgins Trust, The Trevor Project and Voice For The Animals Foundation.

In 2020, she hosted “In Stitches: A Night of Laughs” virtual charity event. The event benefited the Hydrocephalus Association.

Whitney Cummings Early life

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Whitney Cummings was born on September 4, 1982 in Washing DC.
She attended University of Southern California. After a couple of years, she transferred to University of Pennsylvania where she subsequently graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Communications and Film.

Whitney Cummings Career

She started her career in entertainment as a model.
She developed a passion for comedy and started doing standup in many clubs around the Los Angeles area, where she was discovered by MTV producers and was cast in what would be her breakout roll in Ashton Kutcher’s, “Punk’d.”
She also made a name for herself through Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Roasts, and Chelsea Lately.

She then went on to land starring rolls in several TV shows and movies. She made her film debut in 2004 in the thriller, EMR.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

In 2011, she co-created and produced the NBC TV Show “Whitney”. The show aired 38 episodes from 2011 to 2013.
Whitney’s real breakthrough came with the CBS sitcom “2 Broke Girls” which she co-created and has since been sold widely into syndication around the world.

Whitney Cummings also hosted the short-lived E! talk show, Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings and has released several hour-long comedy specials.
In 2017, Cummings also appeared in the thriller Unforgettable, alongside Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. The same year, she made her directorial debut with the indie comedy The Female Brain and published her first book: a memoir titled I’m Fine…And Other Lies.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

In 2017, Cummings also appeared in the thriller Unforgettable, alongside Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson.

Whitney Cummings Achievements

Whitney Cummings is an insanely talented comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. Best known for creating and starring in the NBC series Whitney, Whitney also is also co-creator and co-writer of the Emmy-nominated CBS comedy series 2 Broke Girls.
She has appeared in multiple television shows and films, as well as multiple stand-up specials, one of which was nominated for an American Comedy Award. She is host of the podcast Good for You.

Whitney Cummings favorite books

Some of the books Whitney Cummings has read and recommended include ‘Sapiens’ -of which she said ‘A great book about how we’ve evolved and why we have anxiety.’

Whitney also had this to say after she read ‘The Tools’ -About all of the devices that they have developed to help people get through blocks and have breakthroughs.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Other titles she enjoyed reading include; Super Sad True Love Story, Getting the Love You Want, The Female Brain, The Drama of the Gifted Child, The Fantasy Bond, Codependent No More and The Continuum Concept.

Favorite Quotes from Whitney Cummings

My definition of love is: Being willing to die for someone, that you yourself want to kill.

A true friend will go with the Instagram filter that flatters you.

Saying women aren’t funny is now like saying Asians can’t drive or saying black people have bad credit. It’s just really, like, so obsolete.

I don’t think that women necessarily always write like women. I was a writer on the Comedy Central Roasts for a while, and I always wrote the jokes that people assumed the men would write.

When a guy writes a scene where a woman does a deviant sex act on camera, it’s objectifying. But when a woman writes it, it’s feminism.

I don’t want to look at myself – ever. All I see is that my face is a problem. It’s asymmetrical. I get terrible bags under my eyes.

Lessons learned from Whitney Cummings

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Notable lessons that can be learned from Cummings include her authenticity, she revealed when taking the photo cover of her book:

“Something nobody tells you when you write a book: taking an author photo is incredibly awkward. I’ve had many experiences where I read an amazing book, gotten to the end, seen the author photo and felt completely betrayed by this person whose mind I just melded with for a week. If an author photo feels desperate or is overly serious if it’s a funny book, or overly cheery if it’s a dramatic book, I feel emotionally violated. When it came time to shoot my author photo, I panicked because I didn’t want to sell out or betray the tone of the book with some glamour shot that would make people think I’m an egomaniacal narcissist. I wanted it to feel authentic, so I asked people on the crew for their glasses and some pencils, and we tried to get a photo that captures how ridiculous it is that a comedian wrote a self-help book.”

The comedian is also brutally honest, when it comes to share important aspects about her private life and how she eventually looked for professional help in order to deal with low self worth and codependency.

Whitney is also known to have cero tolerance for racism and in 2018, Cummings who was set to oversee ABC’s Roseanne revival in 2018 but stepped immediately down after Roseanne Barr posted racist tweets — a move which would result in the series’ cancellation entirely.

Most recently, Whitney showed she sticks to her beliefs and supported several young women who came forward alleging that Chris D’elia had sexually harassed them. Despite being a friend and co-worker, Cummings publicly condemned D’elia’s perverted actions.

What does Whitney Cummings do now?

Whitney Cummings is one of the biggest names in the comedy world, at 38 she seems unstopable and remains as active in her work as ever. She currently stays busy doing stand up and going on tours.

Whitney Cummings tour

Whitney is keeping busy with her, Whitney Cummings’ How Dare You Tour.

Whitney Cummings stand up

Whitney is constantly working in new material for her stand up shows.

Where does Whitney Cummings live now?

Whitney Cummings is currently based in Los Angeles, California.

Where can I find Whitney Cummings on social media

Whitney Cummings is active in most social media platforms including

Whitney Cummings Instagram

Whitney Cummings often posts on her IG account which boasts over 1 million followers.

Miles Skinner,whitney cummings boyfriend

Whitney Cummings Twitter

Whitney Cummings is active on Twitter with 1.4M followers. 

Whitney Cummings Facebook

Whitney Cummings can also be found on Facebook where she has 465,850 followers.

Whitney Cummings TikTok

Whitney Cummings has also joined TikTok where she has over 700k followers and 9.8M likes. 

Whitney Cummings YouTube

Whitney Cummings has her own YouTube channel with 291K subscribers and 38,815,267 views.

Whitney Cummings Website

In addition, the comedian has her own website where you can check out show dates and other cool merch from her online shop.