WATCH Graphic Photos At Brussels Attacks

Once again, terrorist attacks have left many dead and even more injured and in critical condition, this time the unfortunate location was Brussels, the Belgium capital.

On the morning of Tuesday, March 22, Brussels was rocked by a series of attacks including two explosions at an international airport and one at a city subway station. It is clear the attacks were targeted to two of the most busiest places in the capital.

The explosions hit Maelbeek metro — near European Union institutions and the U.S. Embassy — and Brussels Airport at Zaventem, resulting in the death of at least 34 people and wounding many others.

The first two blasts were heard at Brussels Airport in Zaventem –which has been evacuated. Metro stations were shut down following reports of the third blast.

The aftermath of the deadly attacks has been captured in real time by social media. The images are devastating to watch, from smoke rising from the areas of the blasts and travelers lying on the floor, to people running in horror outside of the airport and others waiting to receive medical attention, it is chaos in its most raw form.

Below are some images of the aftermath, the striking image of the windows at Brussels Airport that were blown out, while Emergency aid responders can be seen treating the injured and others left to console themselves at such sinister scene.











Accoridng to updates, at least one of the bombs at the Brussels airport contained nails. Gasthuisberg hospital in Leuven is treating 11 people with serious injuries, the wounded have fractures and deep cuts caused by flying glass and nails.

Belgium raised its terror alert to its highest level, according to Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel. The attacks in Brussels come just three days after Salah Abdeslam, suspected of planning November’s deadly Paris attacks, was captured.