Nick Maiorano Personal trainer on Survivor

Meet Nick Maiorano

30-year-old Nicholas ‘Nick’ Maiorano is a personal trainer/life coach and resident of Redondo Beach, Calif. The hunky guy made it to this year’s cast on Survivor. He was put on the Beauty tribe.

Nick Maiorano is a New Jersey native, currently living in California. He recently launched an online dating company called Percodate. Prior to that, he used to write weekly recap blogs covering Survivor: Cagayan in 2014. It sounds like he’s been a fan of the show for sometime.

According to Nick’s official bio on CBS, we can say this guy really likes himself. When asked about his inspiration in life, he doesn’t hesitate to say, he has no heroes, he doesn’t think a human can be a hero but then adds: “I’m my own hero because I love the person I am.”

What’s even more strange, when it comes to most of the contestants, they’ve all done major changes or have had breakthroughs in their lives but not Nick.

He claims his reason for being ‘well known’ is being ‘a better listener that you’ and continues, “, I listen to people better than you do, I’m more interested in people than you are, and I accept people more than you do. And yes, sometimes I pretend to do these things, but at least I pretend, whereas you just check out and are narcissistic.”

He actually believes having basic manners when it comes to treating people is something worth of being famous for. But let’s give him a break shall we!


Nick, who writes, and manages web projects as a hobby, says his pet peeves include angry, loud and rude people who don’t know how to hold a conversation.

The self described, obsessive-compulsive, receptive and contrarian, would take alcohol, pictures of other contestants’ loved ones and a vacuum, to the island.


Could his reason for being on the show, be any more obvious? Besides winning the million bucks, he also wants to prove to the other contestants signing up in his season, was a bad idea.

The charismatic and with a positive demeanor, personal trainer, says he will become the sole survivor because he is manipulative, though is something he is not proud to admit.

Any thoughts on Nick Maiorano?

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