VIDEO: Turkish Homeless Ziya Tasali (Ziya T)- Sarai Sierra’s Killer (photos)

Last week we heard about the Turkish homeless man suspected to have killed NY mom Sarai Sierra in Istanbul, today DNA tests have confirmed Ziya T whose real name is Ziya Tasali is a match.

Ziya T Sarai Sierra

33-year-old Sarai Sierra a married, mother of two from New York went on a holiday vacation ton Turkey but on January 21 when she was supposed to fly home, Sarai was a no show.

Her husband traveled to Turkey to help Turkish police with his wife search, sadly it all came to a tragic end on February 2nd, when her body was found in the area of the ancient city walls she showed extensive trauma to her head, torso and face, the city walls was the last place she was seen taking pictures just minutes before she was brutally murdered by Ziya Tasali now a fugitive.

People said they Tasali saw Sarai Sierra by the city walls area, they also heard a scream and a few others said they saw Ziya T walking near by.

Sources close to Ziya T said they saw him days after he killed Sarai with scratches all over his arms, when they asked him he told them he felt on some bushes, other people who saw him covered in dirt and blood said he told  them he felt off the walls.

46-year-old Ziya Tasali aka Ziya T and Laz Ziya, a refuse collector stayed for three days with his sister Nazmiye and her husband Ibrahim before he asked them for money to purchase a bus ticket to Hatay where he said he was visiting some relatives, however investigator who went to Hatay have not been able to locate him.

Ziya T’s sister said that one day they were watching Sarai Sierra’s case on t.v her brother commented about hos silly he found that the person who killed Sarai took her phone and iPad since he wouldn’t be able to sell it not even use it.

Ziya T’s sister was the one person who provide the police with Ziya’s DNA evidence (hair) that ultimately matched the blood found under Sarai’s nails and shirt.

Ziya Tasali was caught in the Turkish border on Sunday March 17th, he was then transferred to Istanbul, where he confessed killing Sarai..

“She was walking near the Old City walls on Jan. 21, the day she vanished, when he tried to kiss her. “She resisted me,” he said, “and a struggle broke out between the two of us.”

According to the statement, Mr. Tasali said Ms. Sierra hit him with her cellphone, giving him a bloody nose. He knocked her down, but she fought back, picking up a stone and hitting him in the head, he said. “I got very angry and hit her back twice with a stone I grabbed off of the floor,” he said, adding that she stopped moving.

Mr. Tasali returned to the scene the next day, he said, covering her body with blankets before throwing her cellphone and iPad into the sea.”

Ziya T Sarai Sierra killer image

Ziya T Sarai Sierra killer photoZiya T Sarai Sierra killer photos