Boy George Dramatic Weight loss Photos- How he Did It?

Boy George is an evidence of how much weight you can lose if you try hard!

BOY-GEORGE-weightloss pictures

When we first set our eyes on these pics of Boy George we thought they were old pics as when he was still playing in Culture Club back in the 80s.

But it resulted these are not old pics but recent! A slimline Boy George arriving for the awards in London at the weekend proved that what we saw was real.

The singer looks half the size – and half the age – he did a year ago.

The 51-year-old star slapped our faces showing a new gorgeous slim boy at the Palace Theatre.

George said on Twitter that he’s been following Amelia Freer’s Freer Nutrition plan:

‘Portion control. 5 hour gaps between meals. No coffee or tea, except at meals. Water & fizzy water between meals! No bread, sugar!’ he tweeted.

Well, it doesn’t look like an easy diet to follow but is worth the results!

You can check his Twitter here.

Boy George’s Bio

George Alan O’Dowd was born in June 14, 1961 at Bexley, Kent (UK.) He started working at the Blitz Club where Culture Club first appeared on stage. Mikey Craig (bass,) Jon Moss (drums and Boy George’s former couple) and Roy Hay formed the band. His first hit back in 1982 was do you really want to hurt me? And he had several more famous songs such as I’ll tumble 4 ya, The war song, The crying game, I know you miss me, etc.

He has been involved in so many scandals due to his addictions to cocaine and heroin. The band had to end and he started as a single artist. He remastered the classic from Bread, Everything I own.

He was very close friend with Freddy Mercury.

Back in 1993, he was accused of being the father of a Canadian kid which he totally denied it and confirmed he had never had sex with a woman in his entire life!

On December 2008 he was put in jail for keeping hostage in his house a 29 years old Norwegian hustler.