Tammi Saccoman Erik Menendez’ Wife

Tammi Saccoman

Tammi Saccoman is the wife of Erik Menendez who along his brother Lyle is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for the brutal 1989 murder of their parents Jose and Mary Kitty Menendez at their Beverly Hills mansion.

You all know the story of Erik and his brother Lyle, to summarize, it was August 20, 1989 when Erik then 18 and Lyle then 20 first shot their father Jose in the back of the head with a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun, using the same fire arm they shot their mother Kitty first in the leg, then in the face, arm and chest.

The months that followed, the brothers live without remorse and showed no feelings about their parents’ murders whatsoever, they spend million in cars, penthouses, trips, tennis classes, Rolex watches and expensive dinners.

But soon Erik told his psychologist, who, after being threatened by Lyle, told his girlfriend about the killings; the girlfriend told police and them the arrests took place Lyle Menendez was the first to be arrested on March 8, 1990, Erik was in Israel at the time, upon arrival three days later he surrendered himself. In 1993, they were convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Three years later they were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Their appeals have been denied twice ever since.

Now, see what is there about Erik’s wife Tammi Saccoman aka Tammi Menendez.

55-year-old Tammi Ruth Saccoman, started writing letters to Erik during his trial in 1996.

She sent me a letter during my first trial. It’s funny, I have a visual memory of seeing her letter. I believe in soul mates,  spirituality, in a religious sense,  believe in God and that nothing happens by chance. I saw Tammi’s letter and  felt something. I’ve received thousands of letters, but  set this one aside. I got a feeling. And wrote her back. We continued to correspond, enjoyed writing to her. It was a slow friendship. It was special to me because it was not associated with the trial and the media. Tammi was someone not in the craziness.

At the time Tammi was married to the father of her daughter Talia, who referred to Erik as her earth father. After his conviction Erik and Tammi lost track.

She was going through a rough time to herself, her husband committed suicide and she found herself a single mother. She turned to Erik.

Meeting for the first time

Tammi and Erik met for the first time in person in August 1997.

I was nerve-wracked about meeting Tammi. Once I did, I knew right away that I could fall in love with her. I wanted as much from her as she could give emotionally. I knew I liked her too much. Didn’t see Tammi falling in love with me. Remember that when I first met Tammi it was the most beautiful experience of my life. When she crossed the room… Wow! My body lit on fire.

Erik and Tammi were 28 and 37 years respectively when they got married on June 3rd, 1999 at Folsom State Prison. Tammi wrote about about her marriage to Erik Menendez, the book titled They Said We’d Never Make It: My Life With Erik Menendez, was published in October, 2005; a documentary on Tammi Menendez, titled Mrs. Menendez was released by A&E in 2010.