Nicolas Cage’s New Wife/Soon Ex-Wife Erika Koike

Erika Koike

Erika Koike is currently married to Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage, however the couple may not have a long future ahead.

Erika and Nic Cage are said to have tied the knot last Saturday in Las Vegas, however the 55-year-old actor has already filed an annulment for their union. He was seen back in court on Wednesday and asked a judge for an order making it so the marriage never happened.

The doomed couple has been dating since April 2018 and marriage seemed like the next step, at least on Saturday, but you know how movie stars are like, they move fast. I looks like marriage isn’t in the cards for the Academy Award winner and nephew of Francis Ford Coppola –who’s been married 3 previous times to Patricia Arquette, Lisa Marie Presley and Alice Kim –with whom he fathered son Kal-el. Cage is also the father of another son, Weston Coppola-Cage.

Erika Koike

Latest wife or better said, soon-to-be ex-wife, Erika Koike, is said to have a criminal past –that according to Nic’s annulment docs –which state he and Erica were wasted when they tied the knot. He also adds that the wedding is a fraud because she didn’t disclose “the full nature and extent of her relationship with another person.”

35-year-old Erika Koike –who is of Asian descent –is a makeup artist who worked on the makeup department for the short film Hankikanto –which is her only credit on iMDB. It is believe she met Cage sometime last year. The two were first spotted together in Puerto Rico in April, grabbing lunch together. Cage had been shooting the film Primal in Puerto Rico at the time.

Since then, they have been pictured having dinner or hanging out in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. The young makeup artist isn’t a big fan of social media.