David Stringer’s Wife Brynhild Oliva Stringer

Brynhild Oliva Stringer

Brynhild Oliva Stringer is the longtime wife of politician, David Stringer –who until recently served as a Member of Arizona House of Representatives.

Brynhild’s husband has just stepped down from the Arizona Legislature as he faced an ethics investigation into old sexual-abuse charges. As a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives, David represented District 1 from 2017 to 2019.

Stringer who is in his 70’s is also a layer and businessman who operates the Comfort Inn in Arizona. The former lawmaker is being investigated for a decades-old charges of sexual abuse. In addition, he is also accused of degrading remarks on race and immigration.

Brynhild Oliva Stringer

He’s been married to Brynhild Oliva Stringer for years.

Brynhild’s husband came under fire in January after a report on the Phoenix New Times said that Stringer had been charged with multiple sex offenses, including child ****ography, in 1983. At the time he lived in Baltimore, Maryland and Stringer had to undergone treatment and received five-years of probation.

He had previously gone viral after stating during a speech on school integration over the summer, “there aren’t enough white kids to go around”

He also told Arizona State University students that black people “don’t blend in” and that non-native English-speaking students are a “burden” –remakrs for which he apologized.

Brynhild Oliva Stringer remains quite the mystery, according to online records, the political spouse is also in her 70’s. It is unclear if the couple has any children together. Possible relatives for the couple include, Andrea and Brynie Stringer.