Nick Gordon’s Girlfriend Laura Leal

Laura Leal

This lovely gal is Laura Leal; until recently she was the girlfriend of Bobbi Kristina’s former flame Nick Gordon. He still is under police investigation for her death; things will get nasty for him after his latest arrest over the weekend in Sarasota, Florida. taken into custody on Saturday for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

TMZ reported Nick arrested on Saturday for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Now we can’t confirm that Laura Leal is the same girlfriend in this specific domestic abuse dispute; the last photos of them together was in April 2017. At that time Ms. Leal, posted photos of them together on Instagram with the caption that read.

“My sweet, handsome, considerate, protective, loving, charismatic, entertaining, compassionate, comforting, warm hearted, outstanding, simply incredible boyfriend: I’m beyond blessed because you’re the best.”

Some friends of Gordon’s gal said he left her in pretty bad shape and had to go to the hospital. She filed a police report, describing how he beat her up and later didn’t allow her to leave the residence; the same residence where police later found and arrested him.

Laura Leal

Gordon who is in custody is facing two charges, domestic violence battery and kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult.

The charges against Gordon were eventually dropped after Leal became uncooperative; however, Nick was arrested for the second time less than a year later in Florida on one domestic violence charge of battery- Touch or strike.

Laura Leal

Gordon told cops his crazy girlfriend Laura Leal, attacked for no reason at all.

Cops responded to a possible domestic disturbance Saturday morning shortly after midnight to make contact with Gordon and his girlfriend, Laura Leal. ‘

“Gordon told cops that he wanted Leal to leave his house because she ripped his shirt and threw a bottle at him.  He said that Leal and him had both been drinking alcohol; and that she “attacked him for no reason and that she is ‘crazy.’”  Gordon’s injuries amounted to a cut on his thumb.

Cops then spoke with Leal, and observed a “visible injury to include slightly swollen bottom lip with dried blood.”  She said that she picked Gordon up from a bar near their home; and while she was driving Gordon struck her in the right side of her cheek area several times.  She also told police that he “pulled her hair and stated to her that he should make her wreck the vehicle.”