Sharon Stone’s young boyfriend Angelo Boffa

Angelo Boffa

Angelo Boffa is the newest romantic interest of Hollywood actress, Sharon Stone –who can be seen most recently on her HBO show, Mosaic.

The Basic Instincts actress has been spending major quality time the mysterious fella and has pretty much, every outlet after him. The two confirmed their relationship by sharing a passionate kiss while attending the premiere of Mosaic, in New York City last January.

In early March, the duo were photographed at a Miami Beach while Stone wore a huge diamond ring. Speculation of an engagement quickly began circulating.

Here is what we know about him. Angelo Boffa is at first sight, younger than Stone who is currently 60-years-old – and, according to his Instagram profile, is a real estate investor. The Italian entrepreneur barely reaches 800 followers on the social media platform, however he is no stranger to hanging out with the rich and famous. In fact, he has several showbiz connections.

Angelo Boffa

Through a quick look, it’s clear to see the handsome silver fox has a passion for sports, especially football, and also his special love for Spanish beaches, specifically for the island of Ibiza. The investor has spent several summers at Ibiza, most recently last September.

Aside from Stone, Angelo Boffa also hangs out with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Heidi Klum.

Taking advantage of his great physique and natural good looks, Boffa –has also done some modeling work. Boffa doesn’t reveal too much about himself on social media, he sure can be seen on numerous photos enjoying of the good life with friends and family, but only writes three words; respect, honesty and loyalty. He might be a man of few words but he is certainly someone fun to be around with, at least Stone would know.

Check him out on Instagram here.