Nenegale Diallo – Mamadou Diallo’s wife

Nenegale Diallo

Nenegale Diallo is the Bronx woman whose husband Mamadou Diallo, killed a career criminal in his attempt to protect Nenegale from the attacker, identified as 43-year-old Earl Nash.

Recent updates say Mamadou Diallo who was initially charged with manslaughter has been freed by a New York judge to a chorus of cheers from supporters.

Nenegale Diallo could have been raped by Nash as she responded to a nock on her apartment Monday night. That’s when Nash immediately began beating Nenegale and tried to remove her clothes. She managed to scape and quickly called her husband, who was outside the apartment building.

61-year-old Mamadou Diallo (pictured below), broke into his and his wife’s apartment in Claremont Village in the Bronx shortly after 9.30 pm following her desperate call for help. Nenegale Diallo told her husband she had broken free from a man who attacked her.


Once inside the building, Nenegales’ husband ran into Nash in a hallway and beat him with a tire iron which caused Nash to suffer a fractured skull. Once police arrived Nash was already unconscious from Diallo’s beating. Nash was rushed to a hospital, where he died of his injuries.

A video captured the moment when Diallo find Nash pacing bare-chested by the elevator, his pants low on his hips. They fight inside the elevator where Nash is ultimately injured to death.


The couple’s son, Abdul Diallo and neighbors said Mamadou Diallo only tried to protect his family saying they would have done the same and that Diallo is a good hard working man.

Nenegale’s husband is a livery driver and emigrated from Guinea in Africa. Mamadou Diallo was arrested in the past for filing false instrument and trademark counterfeiting. However, Support for Diallo poured in from around the city and the country for his brave stand to defend his wife.

Following  his release, Diallo who has been regarded by media as a hero, said he wants none of it and said he was only protecting his family. Diallo told reporters outside the Bronx criminal courthouse, he feels bad for having mortally injured ex-con Earl Nash.

Mamadou Diallo is a father of three along with wife, Nenegale Diallo. Her husband is due back in court later this month. His charges were reduced to assault and criminal possession of a weapon according to CBS NY.