Melina Roberge & Isabelle Lagace Hot Canadian Cocaine Babes

Melina Roberge & Isabelle Lagacé

Melina Roberge & Isabelle Lagacé are the two Canadian hot babes who were caught in a cocaine drug bust in Sydney, Australia.

Two Quebec women, Isabelle Lagacé and Melina Roberge, were arrested in Australia after authorities reportedly discovered 95 kilograms of drugs in their luggage.

The bust is worth allegedly $30 million. The glamorous pair were on board the MS Sea Princess –which toured the US and South America, including Colombia and Peru, before sailing to New Zealand and then Australia.

The gals documented on social media a number of exotic photos –which shows them having a good time while traveling around the world.


Melina Roberge made sure to let her over 9K followers know she having the time of her life while on her dream trip. Over the spawn of seven weeks, she made more than two dozen posts of her and her travelling companion Isabelle Lagace, 28, while they were aboard the cruise ship the Sea Princess.



22-year-old Melina Roberge and 28-year-old Isabelle Lagacé shared photos sunbaking on the cruise ship deck, standing in New York’s Time Square and then tropical waters off Bermuda.

She also took pictures with local children in Peru, in colorful cobblestone laneways in Chile, walking the streets of Colombia, drinking from coconuts in Tahiti and getting tattoos in French Polynesia.

Melina Roberge & Isabelle Lagacé Hot Canadian Cocaine Babes

While clearly enjoying themselves, all that time they were also in cahoots with fellow Canadian Andre Tamine, 63. The three of them have been charged with allegedly trying to smuggle 200lbs worth of cocaine into the country.

Authorities are not sure whether they boarded with the drugs or sourced them from one of several South American ports the ship visited on its way to Australia.

According to Australian authorities, they are believed to have been allegedly working for an overseas drug syndicate. That would explain how these two average ladies could afford to pat a luxury cruise ship that costs $20,000 a ticket!

They will remain in custody until their next court appearance on October 26.

You can check out Isabelle Legace on Instagram here and Melina Roberge’s here.