Lucas Kitzmiller – Teen who sued Parents Rachel Canning’s ex- Boyfriend


Meet Lucas Kitzmiller, the ex-boyfriend of the ‘spoiled New Jersey teenager’ who took teenage angst to a whole new level by trying to divorce her mom and dad back in March!

Luca’s ex-girl is certainly known for living lifer on her own terms, now the college-bound teen is making headlines once again as she made a legal complaint, this time saying Lucas tried to choke her during a fight!

Rachel who moved out of her parents’ home then sued them for child support, filed a domestic violence complaint against Lucas Kitzmiller and it turns out her parents had already worn her about him and prohibited her from dating him.


However the teen ended up moving out, just get right back home with her mom and dad. The lawsuit was dropped and she made peace with her parents. That circus took place last year and though waters seamed calmed, the cheerleader who wanted to live apart from her parents while forcing them to pay her private high school tuition was photographed having a good time during prom this past June; although Lucas was not seen it was believed they spend it together.


Her family had been fighting for months over Rachel’s wild behavior, disrespectful attitude and her bad-influence boyfriend. Her parents disapproved of him so vehemently they were willing to let their daughter leave home rather than date him; so the recent actions of their daughter must be making them feel pretty good!

She received a domestic violence restraining order after she claimed Kitzmiller attacked her on the street. She escaped the scene and drove straight to Denville Police headquarters, where she filed a domestic violence complaint. The picture below was posted to her Facebook account on July 18th.


It all points out to one of those –eye-opening-realization-in-life –could her parents have been right all along! She obviously tried to deceive her parents by making them believe she and Lucas weren’t together anymore.

There isn’t much information on Kitzmiller other than according to Rachel’s parents, Elizabeth and Sean Canning;  he was the one responsible for their daughter missing curfew, ignored her chores, drank alcohol on school nights and showed them no respect all unraveling on last year’s lawsuit to her parents. While Lucas’ father, Jeffrey Kitzmiller, was furious with the Cannings for dissing his son in court.

According to her mom and dad

She went off the deep end in the past but things are good now.”

The soon-to-be college freshman Rachel is now headed to college where she’ll study biomedical engineering on a $56,000 scholarship at Western New England in Boston, MA.
Lucas is due to appear in court next week.

You can find Rachel on Facebook here.