Top 10 things about Persia White Vampires Diaries actor Joseph Morgan’s Wife



Now, these two are the kind of couple we like! Joseph Morgan and Persia White didn’t want to wait to say “I do”! So, People magazine confirmed today, the lovebirds married July 5 in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, in front of 26 guests, just two months after announcing their engagement news!

Want to find out more about Joseph Morgan’s lovely wife? Read below the top-ten things about her!



#1 She is from Miami

She was born October 25, 1972 –which makes her nine-years-her-hubby’s-senior –in Miami, Florida as Persia Jessica White, Her mother was a compassionate schoolteacher, writer and civil-rights activist.


#2 She grew up in the Bahamas

Her mother moved the family to the Bahamas for work. Persia’s early life was enmeshed with lush tropical landscapes, multi-cultural exposure and Reggae. When Persia was eight the family moved back to the United States and settled in Miami, FL.


#3 Career: Actress, Musician, Artist


She began acting once her family settled in Miami, being already an accomplished ballet dancer. She tried out theater but has dived in musical theater, new forms of dance, acting, modeling, singing, playing instruments and even branching out into painting, a passion of her’s to this day.


#4 Singing


Persia actually intended to be a singer before an actress. When she moved to Los Angeles, she turned down several album deals due to the lack of creative control offered in the contracts.


#5 She was “Lynn Searcy”


She focused on building her acting career, and garnered the role she is most known for, Lynn Searcy on The CW’s “Girlfriends,” Girlfriends was the #1 TV show of in African American homes for over 8 years as well as a leading show all women ages 14-42. The show was cancelled in 2008.


#6 She has been previously married



She was married to poet Saul Williams (pictured above), but less than a year later the couple decided to divorce in 2009.


#7 She has a daughter


White, who will turn 42 this year, is the mother of an 19-year-old daughter named Mecca.


#8 Debut Album


With music always in the backburner; Mecca is Persia White’s debut album. It was released digitally on October 31, 2009, and on CD on December 8, 2009. The title comes from the name of White’s daughter.


#9 Social causes


She is a vegan, is a human and animal rights advocate, and environmentalist. She was honored by PETA as a 2005 Humanitarian of the Year. She is a board member for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


#10 She has worked with hubby before!


The couple met while working together on on the set of The Vampire Diaries, Joseph Morgan, our beloved hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, and Persia, who plays Bonnie’s mother Abby Bennett; the now husband and wife have also worked together on Joseph’s dictatorial debut –a  1o-minute film called “Revelation.”  Persia assisted with the writing and editing of the short, starred in the short, and wrote and performed the soundtrack. Guess it makes sense that it was a little bit more than a simple collaboration!


She revealed to People, she is ready for their next adventure –starting  a family of “little cute mini Josephs,” she said.


Congratulations to the couple! Find Persia on Twitter here.