Marquis "Retna" Lewis – Brittny Gastineau’s Boyfriend



Meet LA muralist Marquis “Retna” Lewis. he is the boyfriend of Model, socialite, blogger, correspondent for Extra Tv and jewelry designer Brittny Gastineau.


After the proper intros a shocking sight of 31-year-old Brittny with a black eye walking the streets out in L.A. was pictured and sources say she is “scared” and “traumatized” after the incident between her and her man.

It was first said by her boyfriends attorney she was the aggressor but sources close to the model say she not only got the worst part but is also the victim while Lewi’s lawyer insists the couple were both aggressors in the fight.

The source claims

“Everyone that knows Brittny can attest to the fact that she is a kind-hearted, compassionate and loving soul. She wouldn’t harm a fly!”

“Domestic violence is a serious crime and it is a tragedy when a defenseless woman is brutally beaten by a man twice her size,” the source continues. “…The only thing more deplorable than a man laying a hand on a woman is to suggest that she caused it or deserved it.”

So, the question is, who is the deplorable guy trying to make us believe skinny Gastineau would also be a violent, crazy …girl?



Lewis, better known as Retna, is an LA native who has taken the art world by storm. His innovative style combines a mixture of mediums to create an art form that easily traverses the line between gallery art and street art. As a kid, Retna was always fascinated with art and while attending Catholic school he rebelled and gravitated towards graffiti artists.


The name Retna evokes the visual vibrancy behind the illustrations created by Artist Marquis Lewis.

Lewis merges photography with painting by using vibrant colors and captivating images to tell stories through his artwork. This unique style has been featured in galleries across the country and in music videos. His art has even been displayed as murals on building sides, and in magazine ads. Lewis’ art is easily transferable because of its versatility. He finds a balance by painting with fluidity and technique but at the same time keeping an underlying graffiti edge to his artwork.


The 35-year-old is best known for layering fashion advertisements with intricate line work and incandescent color designs. One of the most creative aspects to Lewis’ art is his use of a graffiti-style font that he created based on Latin, Asian calligraphy, and Egyptian hieroglyphics. On, Lewis explains that the unknown symbols tell hidden stories that go along with each piece of artwork.

On his girl’s blog eyeonglam there is a post from last month where Brittny and Lewis collaborated together titled Fashion In The Streets.. Interview With Artist RETNA.


You can find him on Twitter here. You can watch a bunch of videos of him and his work here.

So, you think the couple is history or could they patch thing up?