Lauren McHale – SoulCycle instructor and John Mayer’s Alleged Mistress [PHOTOS]


Star Magazine claims Katy Perry broke up with John Mayer after she found he allegedly had an affair with a stunning SoulCycle instructor identified as Lauren McHale

According to a source close to Lauren, she met John in Venice, California at the time he was on a break from Katy, after they left the bar, john went to Lauren’s home to continue the party

“He wаѕ acting single.He told hеr hе thought ѕhе wаѕ good-looking аnd didn’t talk аbоut Katy аt all,” thе insider tells In Touch. “At thе еnd оf thе night, hе kissed her.”

Lauren McHale bio

24-year-old Lauren Marie McHale, born and raised in Sacramento, California is an instructor at SoulCycle, even though McHale is a sports junkie, who you can find hiking, skiing or snowboarding at Lake Tahoe, at  first she turned her attention to journalism, she was hosting a locally broadcasted  the California based TV show “California Adventure TV.” Lauren attended at Loyola Marymount University.

Lauren McHale John Mayer photosLauren McHale california adventure tv

She also studied abroad for a semester in Florence; but her short-live career in journalism was put on indefinite hold after she became a yoga/ cycling instructor.

Lauren McHale John Mayer pic

Lauren McHale John Mayer picture Lauren McHale John Mayer

At SouCycle Lauren McHale is known  for bringing the best of her class with the best songs; she shared her playlist in an article for FitSugar.

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Photo credit: Blossom Blues photography