Jordan Edwards’ Mother Charmaine Edwards

Charmaine Edwards

Charmaine Edwards is the heartbroken mother of Jordan Edwards –the teen who was mistakenly shot dead by a police officer over the weekend in Balch Springs, Texas.

Charmaine’s 15-year-old son died of gunshot wounds after a police officer shot him through the side window of the vehicle he was in, with four other teens.

Police responded to a call about drunk underage teens walking around the area and one of the officers opened fire following an ‘unknown altercation.’

According to Jordan’s family attorney, nor Jordan or his friends were the teens police were looking for. He was 15-years-old. It all points out that Charmaine’s son died, due to a terrible mistake from police.


Reports say her son was the front passenger in a car with four of his friends. The other teens, who are not facing charges, were not drinking at the time of the incident and were not armed, relatives say.

Police version is that the car Jordan was in backed toward officers in an aggressive manner. They later changed the story and said to press, the car was driving away from officers. Jordan was shot in the head by an officer using a rifle, his dead has been ruled a homicide.

According to the family’s lawyer, what actually happen is than Jordan and his friends were leaving a party, actually trying to stay out of trouble.

Charmaine’s son attended Mesquite High School, the freshman loved to play football, his family and friends said. According to his football coach, Jordan was never in trouble and had a GPA over 3.5.


Charmaine Williams-Edwards hasn’t been very vocal about the death of her son. The heartbroken mother has been pictured understandably distraught leaving everything in the hands of her lawyer.

She and her husband, Odell Edwards –Jordan’s father, have leaned on each other during the difficult times. The two have been married since March 14, 2009.


The couple are the parents of three other children. Jordan is survived by two brothers and one sister.

Charmaine Edwards wrote on Facebook


The officer has not yet been identified. He has been placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.