Anna Herrin Only Person who had fun at Fyre Festival

Anna Herrin

Anna Herrin, a hot 26-year-old model might have really low standards when it comes to music festivals.

Anna is a Pennsylvania native, born on March 7, 1991. She has graced everything from Surfing magazine to edgy erotica title Treats! (for which she posed nude on the cover).

She’s also been featured on the websites for both GQ and Esquire. Did we mention she has also appeared on the covers of Self Magazine and Vogue Italia? Well, she has.

Her heavily followed Instagram page makes for one of the most interesting profiles. You can check her out frolicking with guns, blunts, jet skis, sharks and pineapples. Some of her shoots have also included crazy stuff like crocodiles, jet skis, naked people, babies, motorcycles, cliffs, snowboards, nipple covers, jetpacks, snakes, helicopters, high heels, and headstands, just to name a few.

Most recently, the leggy model who has a penchant for partying, told media she actually had a good time at the Fyre Fest, despite the unacceptable conditions.

The music festival held in Bahamas, has been described as disastrous by most partygoers, but not for Herrin who said she got really lucky. She went as far as saying the event could be her favorite.


The dark blonde, hazel eyed model is currently signed to Elite Model management.

Herrin attended college at the University of Miami. During an interview she said she studied a lot of child psychology and is modeling wasn’t an option she would be a teacher.



Herrin who appears to be single at the moment, has a busy schedule. However, during days off she spends her time doing yoga and napping.

When it comes to mantras’ she gets her wisdom straight from her mother. She revealed her mom gave her the best advice when she was younger; telling her basically to ‘be your own best friend.’

As an interesting fact, Anna Herrin recently revealed she hit puberty hard. When she was in the sixth grade she actually asked her parent to have her hip bones cracked and reshaped because they looked so big. The goal was to look like the other sixth graders. She is thankful her parents said no.


You can find Anna Herrin on Instagram here