James Earl Jones’ Wife Cecilia Hart

Cecilia Hart

Cecilia Hart is the late wife of veteran Hollywood actor, James Earl Jones. The two were married for over three decades prior to her passing.

Cecilia’s famous husband is best known for his roles in The Great White Hope, Dr. Strangelove, Malcolm X, as well as his voice-over roles as Darth Vader in Star Wars and Mufasa in The Lion King.

At 88, he is an iconic and beloved figure in entertainment. He has received numerous honors throughout his 60 years in the industry. You name it, from Tony Awards, to Emmys to Academy Awards; James Earl Jones has done it all.

Jones a Arkabutla, Mississippi native was mostly raised by his grandparents after his parents split. As a young child he developed a stutter –which he later overcame with the help of a teacher. Jones attended college at the University of Michigan with the intention of becoming a doctor. He found a passion for acting instead, and graduated in 1955.

Late actress, Cecilia Hart was married to Jones for 32-years before her passing to ovarian cancer in 2016. She was 68, having been born in February 19, 1948. The Wyoming native made the move to NY to pursue an acting career in the mid 70’s.

Cecilia Hart

Hart and Jones met while on the set on the 1979 Steven Bochco series Paris in which they both played police officers. They became husband and wife in 1982, the second marriage for both of them. Jones was first married to Julienne Marie from 1968 until 1972.

Cecilia on her part, first tied the knot to Bruce Weitz in 1971, however the couple divorced in 1980.

Cecilia Hart –had a number of Broadway credits to her name. The late actress, also appeared on television shows such as Law & Order, Charles in Charge, Emergency! Three’s Company, Quincy M.E. and MacGyver.

During their marriage the couple welcomed one child, Cecilia Hart gave birth to son Flynn Earl Jones in 1982. Despite coming from entertainer parents, 36-year-old Flynn isn’t into the family trade. Instead, he’s worked behind the cameras as his father’s assistant.