NBC Chris Cimino’s Girlfriend Edmi De Jesus Soler

Edmi De Jesus Soler

Edmi De Jesus Soler is the actress girlfriend of NBC-New York weatherman, Chris Cimino, the same who dropped the F-bomb on live TV.

Edmi’s boyfriend Chris Cimino serves as the meteorologist for NBC 4 New York’s morning show Today in New York.

The native New Yorker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from City College of New York. He joined NBC 4 as weekend meteorologist in December 1995. He had previously worked at WTXF-TV in Philadelphia where he was the weekend weather anchor for the late news.

Cimino who is a recipient of the prestigious American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval –also served as the senior broadcast meteorologist for the Metro Weather Service Inc., forecasting and broadcasting weather reports to more than 25 radio stations nationwide.

Edmi De Jesus Soler

Before he began dating current girlfriend, Edmi, he was married to Nancy Cimino for 31-years. He and Nancy –an accountant –were married from 1985 till her death in 2016. From his marriage he is the father of two children, Jeremy and Carly.

Edmi De Jesus Soler was born Edna Milagros De Jesus Soler on November 21, 1975. She is a Puerto Rican native daughter of Pablo De Jesus and Edna Soler. Has two siblings, Pablo Gerardo Y Luis Roberto.

According to her IMDb, the stunning brunette graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras with a B.A in Modern Languages. After college she decided to take acting classes. She booked her first acting gig soon after. She’s worked in Mexico and in her native Puerto Rico in TV and theater productions.

Liker Chris, Edna who goes by Edmi –was also married. She and Giovanni Rodriguez an art director divorced after 8-years of marriage. Following her divorce she moved to NYC to attend the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. She has been living and working in NYC since.

According to her website, she has participated in local plays, independent movies and many commercials including some nationals like, Radio Shack, Papa jones, Olive Garden, Best Buy, etc.

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