J. Everett Dutschke- Pres. Obama Ricin Letters Suspect


jeverettdutchske mug shot

Charges were dropped against Paul Kevin Curtis who was the first person the FBI suspected had sent letters containing ricin to President Obama and a Senator last week.


Now authorities searched the home of another man hoping to find clues in the expanding investigation! Two letters that initially tested positive for ricin, a poison, had been found earlier in the week. One of the letters addressed to Senator Roger Wicker, R-Miss., and the other to President Obama.


New person of interest on this case is J. Everett Dutschke a 41-year-old former candidate for Mississippi’s House of Representatives who owns Tupelo Taekwondo Plus where he teaches karate!



But just how FBI got a hold of Mr. Dutschke? Well it was Curtis’ defense attorney Christi McCoy who suggested prosecutors to look into him! A little weird? Well not really it turns out to be that Curtis and Dutschke are long time rivals! Dutschke and Curtis’ brother were former business partners. However, Dutschke and Curtis apparently had a falling out after an argument over e-mail.


Everett who is a Kentucky-born, Texas-raised old blues singer, karate master, insurance salesman and Mensa Member was astonished his ¨bff¨ Elvis impersonator was released and now all the attention was focused on him.

“I guess Kevin got desperate. I feel like he’s getting away with the perfect crime.”

Apparently the FBI took the feud between this two pretty serious and arrived at his home to question him! They searched not only his house but his van and studio.

ricin letters

Dutschke who denies his involvement in the ricin-letters and doesn’t understand why his name was brought in the case is facing much more!


“I categorically deny it,”

Last week, he was arrested for child molestation charges! A seven-year-old girl complained that the 41 year old touched her inappropriately.


Well one thing or the other? Which one do you think his guilty for?? Both?? In the meanwhile Curtis is celebrating his new found freedom in NYC!