Nathaniel Simone- Man who Plunged from Empire State Building and Survived!

Early this morning we heard the story about a tourist and his suicidal attempt from the Empire State Building Observatory Deck on Wednesday night at about 11:45 p.m, the whole thing was witnessed by two Argentinian tourists Luis Ariel Jofre and Julieta Paola Barambone

Apparently Nathanial Simone (not Filmone) tried to jumped to his death from one of the two observatory decks at the empire State Building, the 102-story skyscraper considered one of the World’s Seven Wonders, third tallest skyscraper in the U.S and 22nd in the world.

Simone was on 86th-floor observation deck , (the other one is on the 102 floor) when he jumped, he landed one floor below suffering a broken ankle and was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment in police custody, Nathaniel was charged with trespassing, reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct.

Nathaniel Simone was not the first person who tried unsuccessfully to jumped from the 86th-floor observation deck in December, 1979, 29-year-old Elvita Adams suffered a fractured hip, when she jumped, she was saved by a 30 mph gust of wind blew her straight back up and she landed on a ledge on the 85th floor.

Elvita Adams Empire State Building

Over the years it has been registered that 30 people have killed themselves from the Empire State Building, only Frederick Eckert  a 33-year-old man from Astoria, Queens jumped to his death from the 102-floor observatory deck on November 3, 1932; Evelyn Francis McHale the 23-year-old Californian girl who burned her Army Uniform after she left the Women’s Army Corps veteran who worked as a librarian at the Kitab Engraving Company on Pearl Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, she was engaged to former Airman Barry Rhodes, Evelyn left a suicide note inside her purse left behind at the deck in the morning of April 30, 1947, when she plunged to her death, her lifeless yet intact  body landed on the  roof of a United Nations Assembly Cadillac, her body seemed to be resting was captured by a student Robert C. Wiles just minutes after she jumped, LIFE magazine published the photo on their May, 1947 issue calling it he Most Beautiful Suicide” and Andy Warhol included in his Death and Disasters series in 1962 calling it Fallen Body.


andy-warhol-death-and-disaster-series-1962-67-Evelyn-mchaleevelyn-mchale-life magazine the most beautiful death


Doing a little research on Nathaniel Simone, after media revealed  he is a 33-year-old man from Hamilton, Mass, we found a 33-year old Nathaniel Simone in 69 Willow St. South Hamilton, Mass, he is also known by other aliases such as Binny Simon, and Benny Simon

This is Simone’s possible twitter