Grimilda Figueroa is Ohio’s kidnapper Ariel Castro’s Wife!

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Grimilda Figueroa has been identified as the former wife of Ariel Castro, the main kidnapper in the case of the three women who disappeared 10 years ago and along with his brothers kept in a home registered in his name in Cleveland, OH.

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Grimilda Figueroa Ariel Castro wife picturesPin Grimilda Figueroa Ariel Castro wifePin Grimilda Figueroa Ariel Castro wife picsPin

47-year-old Grimilda Figueroa was born July 30th, 1965. She unfortunately died last . She was loving mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt.


Grimilda Figueroa Ariel Castro wife photoPin Grimilda Figueroa Ariel Castro wife photosPin

It appears to be somewhere down the road Grimilda and Castro parted ways but not before she was another victim of her ex-husband’s actions. Figueroa suffered two broken noses, broken ribs, a knocked-out tooth, a blood clot on the brain and two dislocated shoulders, according to a 2005 filing in Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court. Her attorney requested that a judge “keep (Castro) from threatening to kill (Figueroa).’’

The couple had three children who have actually made headlines of their own. First we have Ariel ¨Anthony¨ Castro, then Angie who is now known as Angie Gregg and last Emily Castro. Not much is known about her but the ex-couple’s children sure make the Castro family name stand out.

Ariel 31, named after his father now goes by Anthony, who attended John Marshall High School and studied journalism in Bowling Green State university actually wrote an article for the Cleveland Plain Press about the disappearance of Miss DeJesus back in 2004 when he was a journalism student.

He even interviewed her mother for the piece, not knowing that the teen was tied up in a basement owned by his father.

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Emily Castro 24, tried to slash her daughter Janyla’s throat in April 2007 at her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana after she broke up with the child’s father and was sentenced to 25 years in jail. It was Grimilda, Emily’s mother who carried her 11 month old granddaughter out to the street when a passerby saw her with a bleeding bay in her arms.

Although at the time Emily was defended by her brother Ariel, stating her mental illness she remains in jail.

‘What happened to Janyla was serious, unthinkable and irreversible. What happened to my sister is no less serious.

The child made a full recovery, though it is not known whose custody she is currently in.

Then we have Grimilda’s other daughter Angie Gregg who according to her Facebook got married to Samuel Gregg July 5, 2001 and is a mother of her own now. Angie attended Total Technical Institute and works for Champs Sports (Footlocker Inc.) She has several pictures of her and her mother Grimilda on her Facebook page.

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Grimilda Figueroa died April 25th, 2012. She also leaves behind many other relatives and friends. Her children and other family held a service for Figueroa on April 29th and she was consequently buried at Interment Riverside Cemetery.

Grimilda’s ex-husband and father of her three children is facing some serious jail time as the principal suspect of keeping Amanda Berry, Gina De Jesus and Michelle Knight under their will for a decade!