Greta Menegaldo- Raffaele Sollecito’s Latest Girlfriend

Raffaele-Sollecito-girlfriend Greta Menegaldo

Not long ago we reported the story about Raffaele Sollecito fail attempt to get himself a green card and avoid jail time, he asked Idaho’s Kelsey Kay to marry him, but soon she found out about his true intentions and  turned her back on him, but Raffaele is not going to stay alone forever, Greta Menegaldo, a stunning brunette is reportedly Sollecito’s new girlfriend.

23-year-old Greta Menegaldo from Treviso, Italy met Sollecito at the University of Verona where Raffaele studies software engineering and have become inseparable ever since, Greta a part time model who lives with her dad and sister took the time to travel to South America on a romantic spree with Sollecito, apparently Greta Menegaldo has friends and family in South America.

Greta Menegaldo is on Facebook here