Frank Fiorina: Carly Fiorina’s Husband


Meet 65-year-old Frank Fiorina, the husband of businesswoman, wife, mother, grandmother, cancer survivor, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, and most recently Presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina.

Today we learned Frank’s 60-year-old wife is running for President! She will seek the Republican nomination for 2016, becoming the latest entrant in an increasingly crowded field of candidates, Politico writes.

But this post is not about the former head of Hewlett-Packard but about her hubby of 30-years.


Frank Fiorina started out as a tow truck driver in Pennsylvania, according to Carly Fiorina. He climbed the corporate ladder and eventually became an executive at AT&T, where the couple met.

As his wife’s ambitions changed, Frank has stepped up to the plate to support her in every way possible, even becoming her bodyguard while she was HP’s CEO and when she ran for the U.S. Senate in 2010 against California Sen. Barbara Boxer. Fran retired early, at age 48, to travel with Carly.


His wife was previously married to Todd Bartlem, from 1977–1984. Frank and Carly tied the knot in 1985 and have been married ever since.


Frank, now a retired AT&T executive had been also previously married. From his first marriage he is the father of two daughters Traci and Lori Ann. Carly became the girls stepmother and she and Frank never had any kids of their own.

According to online records, Frank attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland – Robert H. Smith School of Business, Stanford University and has worked for Carly Fiorina Enterprises, Technology Policy Institute, Hewlett-Packard Company, California League of Conservation Voters, Democratic Party of La, Women Impacting Public Policy , Inc. Orange County Business Council
Good360, AT&T of Lucent AT&T Inc.

Frank’s daughter Lori passed away aged 35 in 2009.

The couple currently reside in Virginia with their two dogs Max and Snickers.

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