Candy Carson: Ben Carson’s Wife


Meet Candy Carson, the wife of retired neurosurgeon and conservative star, Ben Carson 63. Her famed husband announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2016.

It’s important to get to know the presidential candidates but a lot can be said when we get to know the women behind them!


Candy who travels with her husband often, is in full support of his campaign saying

“Ben is a man of deep faith and a quiet, humble strength. He can provide a new kind of leadership that I believe our country is ready for.” –

Candy was born, Lacena “Candy” Rustin, she met her then future husband in 1971 while they both attended Yale University.


She became officially Mrs. Carson in 1975 and she also became the mother of three children, sons Ben Jr., Rhoeyce, and Murray Carson.


First son, Murray Carson was born in Perth, Western Australia on September 12, 1983. He lived in Australia for nine months before his parents made the move to Maryland. He completed a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering and is married to Lerone Allen.

Son Ben Jr., is the second child of Candy and Ben, he is married to to Dr. Merlynn Jayaraman. Rhoeyce is the youngest of the three Carson children and is married to Lillianah Shabo.


Her husband of 40-years might be best known for his successful neurosurgeon career but wife Candy is an accomplished musician, she happens to play the violin, she performed at the Palm Beach Atlantic University concert last March. As a matter of fact, Candy is a triple major who took courses in music, psychology and pre-med.


A biography for her hubby says Candy holds an M.B.A. degree. Candy who is a devout evangelical Christian, is a members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church along with her husband.

The couple co-founded the Carson Scholars Fund.