Ekaterina Parkhomenko- Russian girl Selfie with Mascara from MH17 Crash



‘Disgusting’ and ‘horrific’. That is how Ekaterina Parkhomenko is being described. The reason? Parkhomenko who is a resident of Torez, the town near which MH17 was shot down by Russian terrorists invading Ukraine, has posted several photos on her social media count on “Zolotosya” (a Russian analogue to Twitter). One photo is of a vial of mascara and two selfies.

Her comment: “The mascara is from Amsterdam, but more precisely, from the field. Well, you understand.” Hence, hinting the products were taken from the same area where the bodies of victims of the plane crash lay!


She wrote that the fashionable make-up was given to her by a “familiar looter”, that she is a “separatist” that “things Ukrainian make her sick and are terribly annoying.”

Flight MH17 went down several miles south of Torez, in the Donetsk province, which, according to local reports, is Parkhomenko’s hometown.

The crash killed all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.

Showing not a pinch of respect, Parkhomenko demonstrated self-portraits after using “this makeup”


As can be seen from the correspondence, Parkhomenko said that a lot of things from the downed Boeing have been plundered.

“So many things went from hand to hand, from tweezers to clothing” – she wrote.

Ekaterina –who is a dancer –participated in the yearly regional dance school concert held at Zhambyl theater back in 2012. The program includes the best specially prepared rooms in the style of Belly dance and Tribal.


As if it weren’t enough, the case of the stolen makeup, from the personal belongings of passengers killed amid the wreckage of downed “Boeing” is not the only –Relatives  of victims of the terrorist attack actively say that when you try to call the numbers of the deceased they meet people who stole the phone from the crash site.

Much of the personal effects and luggage of passengers killed already appeared on the local flea markets.

Ekaterina created quite the media commotion after she seemed unaware of the hundreds of grieving families by admitting the tube of mascara she was holding had been looted from the Malaysia Airlines crash site.

The good looking woman has been heavily criticized for many; a leading Russian blogger, Bozhena Rysnka –who used her Facebook to declare: ‘It is lower than low to pick up mascara from the deceased.’

Ekaterina in the meanwhile –who clearly feels she did nothing wrong –apparently deleted her social media accounts following a massive amount of criticism and abusive comments.