Deborah Mackey whole Foods John Mackey’s Wife

Deborah Mackey

This is Deborah Mackey; she is the wife of While Foods’ CEO John Mackey who thanks to Amazon, is about to turn into a billionaire. Amazon announced they will buy Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

The Merge is something Mr. Mackey once dreamed of, he remembered telling Deborah about it.


“I woke up, and I told my wife about it. And she said, ‘That’s crazy.’” Mackey said, drawing guffaws from employees at a town hall meeting on Friday. “I said, ‘I know. That’s really weird, isn’t it?”


His dream came true last week.

John Mackey’s net worth has been estimated at $100.000, even so, he and his wife Deborah both yoga practitioners lived a modest life.

Deborah Mackey formerly known as Deborah Diane Morin got married to John P. Mackey on November 16, 1991, in Travis County, Texas. They don’t have any children.

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