Brian Kemp’s Wife Marty Kemp

Marty Kemp

Marty Kemp is the lovely wife of businessman and politician, Brian Kemp –currently in the run for Governor of Georgia.

Marty’s Republican husband has been criticized for refusing to step aside as Georgia’s secretary of state. He ran for governor of a state while overseeing the elections in that state.

Kemp serves as Secretary of State of Georgia since 2010. He was reelected in 2014. Born in 1963, the Georgia native went to work in construction full time and started his first business following his graduation from UGA.

He’s been happily married to childhood friend, Marty for over 20-years.

Mrs. Kemp was born Marty Argo, the daughter of Bob Argo –longtime member of the Georgia House of Representatives and insurance exec. Marty Kemp grew up as the daughter of a politician, in a way trained to understand how public service works.

Marty Kemp

Marty met her future husband while in high school in Athens, Georgia. They both attended Athens Academy and the two also attended University of Georgia together. At the time, Marty was in the cheerleading team.

The couple has been married for over two decades and since have welcome three children together. Brian and Marty Kemp are the proud parents of three daughters Amy, Jarrett and Lucy. Marty Kemp is a former pre-k teacher.

When speaking about his devoted wife, Brian has said “While serving in public office – and running for governor – was never mentioned in the wedding vows, Marty has remained supportive since Day One.”

As a political spouse, Marty Kemp isn’t the type to stay quiet. The mom of three is known for actively campaigning on behalf of her husband. Not only does she appear at his side at certain events, she also travels across Georgia and speaks at rallies for Brian. Her social media is leaded with pictures of campaign signs and shots of herself and her daughters dressed in Kemp for governor advert.