Phil Bredesen’s Wife Andrea Conte

Andrea Conte

Andrea Conte is the lovely wife of politician and businessman, Phil Bredesen –formerly mayor of Tennessee.

Andrea’s husband was born Philip Norman Bredesen Jr. on November 21, 1943; the New Jersey native earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard University.

He served as governor of Tennessee from 2003 to 2011.

Before serving as Tennessee’s governor, Phil Bredesen was mayor of Nashville from 1991 to 1999. But before he went into public service, Phil worked in the health care industry. He created a health care management company that eventually grew to more than 6,000 employees and traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

He is also a founding member of Nashville’s Table, a nonprofit group that collects unused food from local restaurants and distributes it to the city’s homeless population.

Andrea Conte

Phil is happily married t wife, Andrea Conte. The two have been living in Tennessee since moving in 1975. They tied the knot a year prior and are the parents of an adult son, Benjamin –born in 1980.

Andrea Conte was born February 13, 1941; she is a Massachusetts native who attended University of Washington. A registered nurse, Andrea is also a kidnapping survivor. Back in the late 80’s she was able to escape the car of her kidnapper. Nine months later, her attacker was identified by police as William Clark Dugger. He was given a life sentence for murder and over 30-years for his attack on Conte.

Following the 1988 attack, she felt inspired to tell others never to stop fighting. The former Tennessee first lady is known for her work as a victims advocate.

Andrea, along with her husband, is also active in the Nashville and statewide community. Andrea Conte is the founder and chairman of You Have the Power… Know How to Use It, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about crime and justice issues.