Andrew Kornfeld is Prince’s 911 Caller

Andrew Kornfeld

Andrew Kornfeld happens to be the man who discovered iconic singer, Prince dead in an elevator, April 21st. It was Kornfeld who made the 911 call to report Prince was lifeless.

According to latest news outlets, Prince was set to meet an addiction doctor right before his demise. The Star Tribune reports, one of Prince’s rep contacted Dr. Howard Kornfeld, a national authority on opioid addiction because the artist “was dealing with a grave medical emergency.”

Dr. Howard Kornfeld, could not clear his schedule on April 21st, so he sent his son, Andrew, to meet with the singer. The plan was that, Andrew Kornfeld was going to outline the course of treatment and his father, was supposed to come the following day. That never happened.

According to TMZ, Prince almost died from an overdose of Percocet 6 days before he was found in the elevator, and that was the reason ‘his people’ got in contact with Dr. Kornfeld in the first place.

Getting back to Andrew Kornfeld –who works with his father, at the Recovery Without Walls clinic –is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) where he studied both Neuroscience and Psychology. At UCSC, he co-founded and served as President of the Brain, Mind and Consciousness (BMC) Society, whose mission is to explore human cognition, behavior, and experience through student-led and -directed education. Under his leadership, the BMC has become one of the largest organizations at UCSC and attracted thousands of students through numerous events, two student-led seminars and a six day conference. For his accomplishments, he received an Award of Special Achievement from the Department of Psychology and the Dean’s Award in Undergraduate Education.


While not teaching at Ubiquity, Andrew serves as Director of Communications and New Patient Services at Recovery Without Walls, an innovative and evidence-based medical program in the treatment of chronic pain and chemical dependency.

Andrew is also an avid writer. He has co-authored an article on obscure drugs of abuse for the medical journal, Marin Medicine. He also previously co-authored a chapter in the the Wiley-Blackwell Handbook on Transpersonal Psychology on the neurobiology of psychedelic compounds, where he served as the only author without a graduate degree. He has published papers alongside his father, Dr. Howard Kornfeld, in the field of psychopharmacology. He wrote his undergraduate thesis on the neuroscience of psychological trauma and novel treatments. He often teaches surfing as part of an individualized treatment plan.

According to the Recovery without Walls website, in his free time, Andrew enjoys surfing, mountain biking, and cooking fine food.

You can find Dr. Andrew Kornfeld on Facebook here.