Jaime Muhney- The Young and The Restless Actor Michael Muhney’s wife

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Michael Muhney Wife Jaime Muhney

Meet Jaime Muhney, she is the wife of Michael Muhney the Young and the Restless actor who played Adam Newman in the famous American soap opera until he was fired for allegedly bullied and harassed his pretty 20-year-old co-star Hunter King.

Hunter King Michael Muhney

TMZ reported  the story about Jaime Muhney’s hubby his butt  fired for groping his hot co-star Hunter King who plays Summer on the show. Hunter said that Muhney fondled her breast twice with her asking him to and even wanting his perverted hand on her, according to sources Muhney has a history or harassment Ms. King and others.

I bet his wife is hysterical about this, I won’t blame if she kicks his butt out of the house. Let us tell you what we know about Michael Muhney’s wife Jaime Muhney..

Jaime Muhney Michael Muhney wife pictures

32-year-old Jaime Muhney was born Jaime Garrison on August 14, 1981 in Agoura Hills, California To Larry Garrison and Shannon Buckley. Her father is Jerry Garrison the President  of Silvercreek Entertainment, her maternal grandfather is Marty Hornstein the late production manager, producer. Mrs. Muhney has two siblings, her brother Sean is a photographer and her sister Lindsay who is an actress, she has  been in the 2009 film Fast & Furious, Burning Love in 2012 and Dexter.

Jaime graduated in 1999 from Agoura High School, Jaime  and Michael Muhney got married on February 11, 2000, The couple are the proud parents of three gorgeous children, their eldest is their handsome son Dylan then came their daughter Ella, and finally Truman who was born on November 4th, 2012.

Michael Muhney children  Michael Muhney children piMichael Muhney children pic

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  1. These rumors were started by a crazy fan! She has been spreading these lies all over facebook and twitter. If you check this out you will find that she showed her crazy self and what she has been up to. When threatened with a law suit she deleted her accounts in an attempt to hide from what she has done. She is the one that gave that story to TMZ and any other outlet that would listen.

    • lisa How can you say this was started by a fan when Michael himself said he was let go?

      • ThePhoenix612 says:

        Lalee, yes. Michael said he was let go, however a disgruntled fan started the rumor of the sexual harassment. This fan cannot separate reality from fiction and had stated in the past that she “lives in Genoa City”

        Eric Braeden came out and said the reason Michael was fired is because of confrontations backstage between the two.

  2. William Starkey says:

    I love young and restless have for many years. Please keep Adam on he’s a great actor.everyone makes mistakes. Bring the other Abby back I like her much better as Abby she’s has that fire in her she’s not afraid of anyone. Thanks

    • Ken Baldwin says:

      Are you stupid? Fire the victim of sexual harassment so her victimizer can keep his job????? Regardless of how good he is as an actor he has had issues like this before (his fellow cast members from Veronica Mars have commented on how much they detested working with him.

  3. I think that age is wrong. That is way too young for her. She is 4 years older than you are claiming she is, i.e., she is 36. Not 32.

  4. There are a few errors up there. You have her father listed as Larry and Jerry in the same line. It’s Larry. Also, you mention her sister, Lindsay, as an actress, but she is actually more a makeup artist. If you look her up on IMDB, you see she has done very little acting and tons of makeup artist work. Also, how can her maternal grandfather be Marty Hornstein when she has a last name of Buckley?

  5. Let me 1st say I am also a fan of “Adam Newman” and eager to hear the truth which the writer of the article or should I say the person that copied the article and changed words so to have an opposite meaning like, Supposedly Hunter is saying the actions by him were NOT wanted and it was so obvious that the word NOT was erased to say she wanted him to touch her.

  6. ArtISLife says:

    They were married in 2009. Her oldest child Dylan Simone is from a previous relationship with Brandon Simone. Her mother committed suicide in 2005. Her dads name is Larry. The kind of narcissistic personality Mr. Muhney exudes is beyond extreme. Jaime isn’t the strongest leg on a table if ya get what I’m sayin. She’s been known to ignore all red flags, and pretend as if her relations hi is perfect while being cheated on. It’s rather sad. I hope they fix it. Michael will come up with some sort of scheme to be forgiven, he’s a calculated one i tell ya.

  7. I am almost at a lost for words…or maybe not. It’s like this. MM was great on Y&R. (one of the best actors ever, really!) I enjoyed his acting skills and have stated that if they pulled him from the show that they were idiots, because finally the show had some fire in it, however; let’s keep it real, if he touched someone without their consent then that’s not right. (you gotta pay the piper) and unfortunately I don’t think he can balance out the karmic scales with this one…. Now if this is untrue that’s totally different, but the dude was fired and I can’t see them firing him without the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…. but remember this there is 2 sides two any story….so let’s not judge or crucify to quickly….tick tock –

    • ThePhoenix612 says:

      a disgruntled fan started the rumor of the sexual harassment. This fan cannot separate reality from fiction and had stated in the past that she “lives in Genoa City”

      Eric Braeden came out and said the reason Michael was fired is because of confrontations backstage between the two.

  8. i think it’s very sad that we have lost one of the best actors on Y&R . it breaks my heart to hear someone being accused of something they didn’t do and to loose their job. I will truly miss him, I thought he was great as Adam Love/ hate kind of guy played well. I hope you didn’t do this and it’s just a young girls crush gone bad, she should tell the truth and so should you. If she played a roll in this and just got her feelings hurt because things didn’t go her way she should be fired to. We the fans are hurt the most!
    everyone I know that watches Y&R are so mad over this and the show is going down hill, repeat ,repeat,
    dragging everything out and now this a lot of only watched because of MM and Chelsea it brought life to the show now it’s gone? Good luck and I pray it’s not true what she has said I believe there is two sides!

  9. I really don’t think it’s true, he seems happily married and hunter king probably just has a crush come on who wouldn’t and he turned her down so she made up this dumb lie.. She knew people already didn’t like him much so they believed her, it’s her word against his there’s no proof just don’t understand why they couldn’t solve it…

  10. i believe that we have to much hormones and testrone going on the set. If they keep letting the favorite actors go, the fans will go and follow they favorites. Let Summer go and get hyllis back. They can have Phylis come back and give Jack the opportunity to be happy and help her recover and make life hell for Sharon. We already have a deistraction for Nikki with Ian back and if you let Adam stay it will give plot to the story and give the lawyers time to find a way to keep him out of jail. I always said if they got rid of Mrs. Chancellor or Victor I would quit watching. Mrs. Chancellor could not be helped but I am about ready to leave. Really thought Billy played the best part and should receive a oscar for dealing with the death of Dee Dee. I am sure now the elly will come up pregant, and add more problems.

  11. If a fan started this,then Hunter would have said it wasn’t true and it makes me sick to hear comments coming from women and attacking her.The MM fans are crazy,flying a banner over the studio,more important things in the world,
    How do you know he didn’t do it? The whole cast can’t be wrong,its obvious he has been a problem on the set and these fans do not know anything about him,just what they see on TV. He got fired for a reason.

  12. If Adam & Billy leave I promise you that the fans will boycott the show. Billy & Adam are the only actors besides Jack that even make the show worth watching! Get rid of a Victor he makes me sick! The new Billy was pathetic!!! Nikki need to go too, get rid of all the old hags! Your story lines are soo lame. The Ypung & the Restless will be the next soap opera cancelled!Good riddance ! you suck!!!

  13. I wish they would bring the real adam and billy back…the show is not the same without them. I can’t stand to watch it now that they are gone.
    I cannot get used this new billy..even though he was the original billy. Bring back Billy Miller…he is the only one that can do a great job playing billy, and Michael Muhney is the only one who can play Adam Newman and do it well.
    Please listen to your fan’s comments, 2 actors are greatly missed….BRING THEM BACK!

  14. Here’s the thing if young and restless brings michale muhney back as Adam the ratings will go thru the roof do what ever it takes to accomplish this if your as smart as you pretend to be actually i will bet that’s what your planning to do. Go for it

  15. I would love Michael Muhney back as Adam but I’m pretty sure that’s not to be. I don’t think he would even go back after all the casts members that have turned on him.

  16. theresa lafranchise says:

    Bring back Adam ‘Michael and Billy , they are the show as for the Billy you added lately he really is bad, boring, what we need is Michael Billy to come back on the show as Suzan L to old not good for the show let her go into retirement she need’s is we need . As for me I stop looking at your show because of the bad decision made bring back MM and Billy and Phyllis they are the show.

  17. Nancy in Minnesota says:

    EB didn’t get MM fired, MM did. He said he “knew it was coming, just didn’t know when”
    The only one that felt sorry for him and gave him a tribute was SC. She has been with him off stage as well as on stage.
    Why hasn’t he come forward and fought the firing if he was innocent. Others complained about him as well, trying to upstage, telling the plot, saying it was him that made the show. Well, evidently he is wrong. Why hasn’t he been picked up by other soaps or prime time programs… because he’s a trouble maker and he’s a risk.
    Yes we need Adam back on the screen but not MM. He was a recast and we will get a good recast again.
    Time for the MM pity party to shut down. He isn’t coming back.

  18. I have been watching Y & R for years and I think Michael Muhney is the best looking male actor I have ever seen on Y & R. I was shocked to learn he was let go and won’t ever be coming back to Y & R. I think the producers need to reconsider their decision to let such a fine actor go. Whatever the real problems were surely there must have been a way to resolve them than just ‘let him go’. The storyline with Nikki Newman finding her long lost child is getting tremendously boring whilst Adam, Chelsea, Kevin and Chloe’s characters all liven up the show. Sharon’s character has been ruined by turning her into a a volatile bi polar depressive human being who’s life is always on the verge of slipping out of control. I remember when Sharon Newman’s character was first introduced and it was so much more realistic and better than now. I think the producers really need to start turning her character around and giving her back control of her life.

  19. mom chez says:

    Y&R has not make any progress since MM’s last scene. Going into 6th month of no longer watching, don’t miss it. GH is now the show to follow.

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