jackie ganger- Macklemore’s Producer Ryan Lewis’ Girlfriend

jackie granger


Have you seen Ryan Lewi’s beau girlfriend Jackie Ganger? There have been some rumors these two are thinking about giving the next step!

On Friday morning (January 3, 2014) Ryan and his girlfriend, were seen by some people shopping for engagement rings. Are you sure about this? or this is another false rumor? The couple was seen giving the eye on some expensive diamonds, like the ones you out on the ring finger!

According to some people, they’ll soon be engaged. It could be… He’s madly in love with her, and the relationship is heating up.

A lot of people would flip but mostly fans I believe would be happy for the couple. They look so good when seen together.

What we know about her, is that her dad is very fondled to his son-in-law, Ryan Lewis, and has been seen hanging around with the duo on concerts.

Some facts about Jackie:

    1. Her favorite TV show is Castle  
    2. She is fan of nobody but honest people, I must believe that Ryan is one!  
    3. She agrees with Mr. President: Barack Obama  
    4. She loves Piedmont Park  
    5. She hangs in the region of Bronaugh  
    6. She reads mostly King Tractor Press  
    7. She also goes to church  
    8. She is fan of Jodie Craine photographs  
    9. She likes to read and one of her most liked books is:  Wisdom From The Warren  
    10. She likes dining at Blue Goose on Main  

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