Samantha Alexander- Travis Alexander’s Sister

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samantha alexander

Travis Alexander was stabbed by ex-girlfriend Jodi Arias. The 32-year-old is accused of his murder on June 4, 2008.

Alexander’s body was found in in the bathroom shower of his apartment in Mesa, Arizona, with 27 stab wounds, a bullet to the head and his throat cut from ear to ear. Arias claims it was in self-defense, she said he was a controlling sexual deviant. Evidence emerged earlier in the trial that showed Arias killed Alexander while she was photographing him nude in the shower.

Alexander’s friends claim that Arias was stalking him and was “possessive and jealous.”

Alexander was raised in Riverside, California, with three brothers and four sisters: Gary Alexander, Greg Alexander, Tanisha Alexander, Samantha Alexander, Hillary Wixcox, Steven Alexander, and Allie Tilghman.

Samantha Sam Alexander Travis Alexander sister pictureSamantha Sam Alexander Travis Alexander sister photoSamantha Sam Alexander Travis Alexander sister picSamantha Alexander Travis Alexander sister picsSamantha Alexander Travis Alexander sister pic

One of his sisters is Samantha Alexander, she is a Carlsbad, California police officer. Samantha said:

“Everyone loved Travis. His life was about helping other people and making the world a better place. He was a great person and very religious. This doesn’t usually happen to people like him.”

Samantha sat in the front row during Arias’ trial, repeatedly rolling her eyes when she made allegations against her brother.

Samantha Sam Alexander Travis Alexander sister pictures

Take a look at Samantha’s Facebook profile here.

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  1. Dear Alexander Family,
    I tried to send a message yesterday, but I don’t think it went through. I apologize if this is a duplicate. I am so happy that justice was finally served! I hope she receives the death penalty. Then our Lord will punish her for eternity. There is no forgiveness for someone who commits such a horrific murder and continues to murder the victim over and over again with vicious lies! Travis was a wonderful man who touched the hearts of millions. I’ve never cried so many tears about someone I didn’t ever meet. I am so proud of all of you, you’re the best siblings in the world! God Bless all of you!
    Debi O.
    P.S. Please forgive your brother Dennis. It was so sad seeing him sit in court not amongst the rest of you. I’m sure it would make Travis so happy!

  2. Marilyn Gallis says:

    I am so upset by watching this trial from Canada, day in and day out…without seeing your family have TOTAL peace! Jodi has fooled us all….even the jury…..she is EVIL…Make no mistake about this…Everything that comes out of her mouth, has a “far reaching plan”….She does feels superior than all of us…She wanted someone like Travis to love her, because she knew he was far too good of a person, and knew, if he really ever saw her, deep within….he would run away….Every moment that she was with him, she cherished, because, deep down, she knew that she could never keep him…she knows she is a “flawed” person..,and her whole relationshipship with him, was a lie, a cover-up…,and she was always scared, that he would see through who Jodi was..,and…so..,she in the end let her “evilness” cloak him..,and take him from this world…,because she could not stand that he figured her out, and absolutely told her….”I don’t LOVE you”…,and those words….are forever in her head…,and she could not let him have that final say…..So, now…she feels…”she” is having her say..,and she has overridden him, and made him pay for his wisom and his goodness….Evil cannot stand goodness…,it wants to be in someway part of that goodness, but knows, it cannot…So, it feels scorned, and unloved and unworthy….and lashes out….,and Travis life was taken because he came in contact and crossed paths with EVIL…………………I think of the Alexander family alot and pray for them today and always….Stay strong…,for in the end Evil always loses….Always! Remember that…

  3. christina lang says:

    We feel your pain but cant imagine the depth of it. As a family you all have honoured travis spirit. Im from Ontario Canada where there is no death penaly but i pray that the second jury does right by your family. Such strength you all have shown and complete devotion.

  4. Cynthia D. Rouss Chapman says:

    I have great concerns with a movie that I saw in Lifetime TV, “Personal Indiscretions”. This film was made 2007. I wrote to the Mesa Police Department and commented about this movie. After seeing the movie I found it to have many similarities with the horrendous crime that Jodi Arias committed on your brother Travis. The man that was killed went by the name of Travis, and he suffered a striking similar death. The woman that did the killing was dressed in a Ninja outfit. There are many other things that occurred in the movie that you can easily associate with the death of Travis. I went into more details when I wrote to Jane Velez and to the MPD but find it too graphic to express it to you and your family after all that you have endowed. Here in Puerto Rico, my family and I have followed the development of the trial since January. We all feel very sorry of all the suffering you and your family have gone through. I will like to congratulate Juan Martinez and Esteban Flores for their commitment in bringing justice to Travis. May God Bless you all.

  5. Cynthia D. Rouss Chapman says:

    Please forgive me for misspelling the word endure. I wrote endowed instead of endure. I only hope that you see the movie, “Personal Indiscretions”, which I have a feeling that this convicted killer, Jodi Arias viewed and copied from. She is not a Diva but a copy cat. And I also believe that she has multiple personality disorders. She has all the weakness from all four of the temperaments and very few good characteristics of these. I have you and all your family in my prayers. May God Bless you all.

  6. Mark Scott says:

    Hi Samantha you and your brave family are in my prayers Jodi Arias should have been put to death
    along time ago Travis was a Great Man Travis never did abuse anybody Jodi Arias lies way to much
    I say this to the incoming jury please put Jodi Arias to death Jodi Arias should not be alive now
    Jodi Arias is very evil stay strong i want you to know i support you and your brave family God Bless
    you and your family

    • lalitha asilei says:

      dear scott,can you write to mr.martinez not to take plea.Todays news is they may ask for a deal

  7. lalitha asilei says:


  8. lalitha asilei says:

    Dear Tanisha,Sam Steven, You have no idea how much we are thinking of you.I did not see you when this DEVIL was brought in to the court room with her deserving wardrobe of stripes and shackles and with her FENCE of guards 6 of them. the court house was busy with so many news people.It was so silent except for this LUCIFERS JEWELRY CLANKING SO LOUDLY AND THERE WAS HAPPINESS ON EVERY BODIES FACE.Finally she knows your bulldog brother got her There was shame and despise,hate ,contempt on her face.But for the first time I enjoyed looking at THAT DEVILS FACE.The Lord will not let us down.Keep faith the victory is ours…LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE YOU ALL.

  9. We are so sorry for your loss of a very loved brother, TRAVIS. Samantha, I personally don’t know you, however, ex partners in both the Vista Sheriffs Department and Carlsbad Police do. Your well liked by your peers. We watched the trial from start to finish, making lunch in the morning, dinner in a crock pot so we didn’t miss a thing. You showed your disgust by being a lady during the trial and testimony. You used extreme restraint and I am glad you didn’t stoop to the have level.
    To be honest with you, if one of my family members went through what Travis did, I swear to Buddha that I would of planned a very simple jump over the barrier and stab the hag to hell with a pen. I got my nickname for standing up to bullies who continually harassed younger ones in grade school.
    The next phase is coming up and I will be there in spirit with your family. Although Buddha does not believe in a eye for a eye…. I do. The jury will do the right thing and sentence her to death. She played it up about if I get convicted I want the death penalty…… her attempt to make herself look like a asset to other inmates, shows she is scared silly of being given the death sentence. I’m a terminal patient and won’t be here when the time comes, but I’ll be waiting at the gate where she has to answer to a higher power. I hope that my clean lifetime earns me the honor of escorting her to hell. Your family has and will continue to be in my prayers, that your broken hearts will heal in time. Always with respect, Rebel

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