Hugo Rafael Chavez Jr.- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ Son (PHOTOS)

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Hugo Rafael Chavez Colmenares Hugo Chavez son

There is so little we know about the only son the late Venezuela President Hugo Chavez had, Hugo Chavez Jr. was hardly seen with his famous father and unlike his older sister he didn’t get involved in any political affair his father was into.

28-year-old Hugo Rafael Chavez Colmenares affectionately called Hugito is the third child and only son Hugo Chavez had with his first wife Nancy Colmenares, with whom he remained married for 18 years, his older siblings are his sister Maria Gabriela and Rosa Virginia.

While Hugito Chavez stays away from the public light, there was a time when he made in the headlines and not in the best way, Hugo Jr. interrupted his father’s speech when he celebrated the 15th anniversary of the failed 1992, he was audible screaming “Chavez, Soy Hugito” (Chavez, I’m Hugito), he has to be taken by security.

Hugo Chavez son Hugo Chavez Jr

Media once published an article about Hugo Chavez and his son not having a good relationship, he wasn’t a good student, had no political ambitions unlike his sister Maria Gabriela, another aspect Chavez  didn’t share with his son was his passion for soccer, when his father’s favorite sport was baseball.

He is a big Messi fan and when Argentina played in Venezuela for the 2007 Copa De America he seized the opportunity to met his idol.

Hugo chavez Lionel Messi picHugo chavez Lionel Messi

“Vine a conocer a Messi, me hacía ilusión sacarme una foto con él. Veo bastante fútbol español. Me gusta Messi, es un jugador desequilibrante, y la gente de la selección me ha dicho que antes del partido me enviarán una camiseta de regalo firmada por los futbolistas”

Chavez’ son was criticized for flying with his friends on a vacation getaway to several locations including Cuba using the government’s private jets and the Air force’s helicopters.

Hugo rafael chavez junior Hugo Chavez son-picHugo rafael chavez junior Hugo Chavez son picsHugo rafael chavez junior Hugo Chavez son picHugo rafael chavez junior Hugo Chavez son picturesHugo rafael chavez junior Hugo Chavez son pictureHugo Rafael Chavez Colmenares Hugo Chavez son photoHugo Rafael Chavez Colmenares Hugo Chavez son photos

For some time he stayed away from the public eye, but when his father’s health deteriorated, he flew to Cuba with his sisters.

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