Nancy Colmenares is Hugo Chavez’ First Wife (PHOTOS)


Nancy Colmenares Hugo Chavez first wife

There is little information about Nancy Colmenares, de Chavez besides that she was the first wife the late Venezuela President Hugo Chavez had, and that she is the mother of his three eldest children.

Hugo Chavez was just 23 when he got married to Nancy Colmenares a working- class lady that  came from a humble family in Barinitas, formerly known as Nueva Trujillo de Barinas located south of Cordillera de Merida in Bolivar. Hugo Chavez met Nancy when he was communications officer at a counterinsurgency unit in Barinas and recently began the revolutionary movement ELPV (Ejército de Liberación del Pueblo de Venezuela)

The year was 1977 and Nancy Colmenares and Hugo Chavez said “I DO”,  a year later Nancy became a mother for the first time to her beautiful daughter Reina Virginia, in 1980  came her second daughter Maria Gabriela and in 1984 came her third child, a boy named like his father Hugo Rafael Chavez.

While Nancy devoted herself to her children, her husband was creating the  Bolivarian Movement –200 aka MBR-200, she had to endure the fact that she would be home alone with her three small children, the difficult and painful price she had to pay for being married to a military man, but as painful; But nothing was as painful as knowing she would have to share her husband with another woman. Herma Marksman had an affair with Mrs. Colmenares’ hubby  for almost a decade.

She unlike Nancy shared the revolutionary ideology that Chavez had, Herma, many say was one of the women he loved most, besides she and her education helped which formed a key part o knowledge were a vital key to his military formation.

After Chávez led the coup against President Carlos Andres Perez on February 4, 1992, and  he was sent to  jail Marksman was the one who visited him, but it was to his wife Nancy that he publicly apologized for leaving her alone with their children and no money after the military coup. That was the end of his marriage to his first wife, he ended his affair with Marksman, and Nancy Colmenares walked from his life. They divorced and nobody said nothing of Nancy Colmenares whereabouts or has a recent picture of her.