Rosa Virginia and Maria Gabriela Chavez are Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ Daughters

Hugo Chavez daughter rosa virginia maria gabriela

Maria Gabriela Chavez and her sister Rosa Virginia Chaves are the older daughter Late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had with his first wife Nancy Colmenares, these two ladies were the biggest support he had until his last breath.

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58-year-old Hugo Chavez’ death has left thousand of Venezuelans broken hearted, he will be missed by many people all over the world, but his legacy survives him, it lays in the lives of his beautiful family and since we have talked about his only son Hugo Jr. and his second wife Marisabel allow us to tell you a little bit about two women who played an important role in the life of President Chavez,  his daughters.

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The eldest of the two Chavez girls is Rosa Virginia born to Hugo Chavez Frias and Nancy Colmenares, Rosa is now married to Venezuelan’s Technology and Science minister 39-year-old Jorge Alberto Arreaza Monserrat, Rosa met her husband when they were studying at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. After her father and her stepmother divorced in 2002, she became Venezuela’s first lady and accompanied her father in almost every event with her sister.

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Rosa was the only taking all the medical decision when her father’s condition worsen.

Maria Gabriela Chavez Hugo Chaves daughter

29-year-old Maria Gabriela Chavez, described by many as Hugo’s favorite child and who also became her country’s first lady Maria Gabriela who shared her father’s political views followed him at every national and International event.

It was Maria Gabriela Chavez who took on to her Twitter to thanks the people who has been supporting through this tragedy..

“No tengo palabras. Eternamente, GRACIAS! Fuerza! Debemos seguir su ejemplo. Debemos seguir construyendo PATRIA! Hasta siempre papito mío!”.

“I have no word, thank you eternally, Strength! We must follow his example and continue to built to built this government. Until forever daddy!

Maria Gabriela Chavez also tweeted this heart felt message

‏@Maby80 Se m fue la vida. Se m fue mi alma. Se m fue MI TODO.Gracias por TANTO, MI GIGANTE. Mi Amor eterno. Mi compañero d siempre y para SIEMPRE! Te amo

My life is gone, My everything is gone, Thank you for so much, my eternal love, my eternal partner and forever I will love you

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