Top Tips to Stop Yourself from Doomscrolling

The news seems to get more and more stressful every day. What makes it even more stressful is how little influence we have to actually do anything about it, and as such, you may be wondering how you can stop yourself from getting so bogged down in it. Sure, it is important to stay up to date on what is happening in the world, but at the same time, it is only natural for you to take some time away every now and then in order to give yourself a bit of a break from all of the doom and gloom. If you identify with this, then you’re in the right place, as this article is going to discuss some of the most effective ways that you can stop yourself from doomscrolling.

Allocate Time for the News

Phone checking can become a little bit of a habit, and as such, it may be difficult for you to keep away from the news a lot of the time because picking up your phone in order to have a look at it simply comes as a force of habit. Do not despair if this sounds like you because there is a simple solution, and this is to simply assign yourself times that you can look at your phone. In doing this, you are going to be able to break the habit of checking the news all of the time, and you will also find yourself being a lot more productive as a result. When you are outside the time to check the news, you might be able to help yourself even further by putting your phone in another room so that it is out of sight.

Make Use of Fun Apps and Websites

It can be a big advantage if, instead of only using your phone as a means to check the news, you instead begin to use it for other apps. This means that you will stop associating your phone with the news so much because you are doing more on it. These apps could take the form of fun social media apps, productivity apps, and even games.

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Try Checking in With Yourself

A lot of the time, the actual act of doomscrolling is fairly mindless. We are led by fear as headlines paint the worst possible scenario, and we are sucked into it. As such, you may want to consider checking in with yourself a bit more often in order to work out whether your own psyche is playing a part in your habit. You should download a meditation app and use this in order to disconnect and feel the benefits of doing so as a result.