Venezuelas’ presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Girlfriend is Maribel Petrola

Heard about Venezuela’s late president Chavez’s death? Well I’ll assume you have…since then, Nicolas Maduro Moros was named interim president but in the coming April 14th elections Henrique Capriles Radonski has a new chance at presidency since he will challenge Moros at the job.


maribel petrola


So what does all of the above has to do with Maribel Petrota?? Well if and only if Capriles wins Venezuela’s presidential elections she just might become Venezuela’s first lady!! Since Petrola is believed to be the candidates alleged girlfriend since October 2012 and a source say they might even be married already!

Is amazing how when she first was believe to be involved with the 40 year old candidate her twitter account had some 200 followers and suddenly jumped to over 1500! I guess that’s what a public figure status does huh! It gets you places people!

So what do we know about this young woman besides she is a hot Venezuelan chick??

Maribel Petrola Henrique Capriles girlfriend photo

Maribel Petrola Henrique Capriles girlfriend pics

Marible Petrola is a 29 year old professor at the University of Carabobo. She is a bio analyst with a master in science and food technology and she is passionate about education. She is the daughter of a Venezuelan doctor and comes from a really good family, they all live in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo. They met through one of the political meeting of the opposition candidate; the place of the magical moment? The restaurant of the Livestock Association of Carabobo.

The exact moment? Petrola arrived to the press conference accompanied by a girlfriend eager to meet Capriles, the lawyer approach their table and while giving a little speech she simply said “I am a teacher” and the love story began!

Maribel Petrola Henrique Capriles girlfriend picture

After that first encounter Capriles and Petrola began communicating over the phone but she did not believe she was really talking to the opposition leader and for her astonishment in one occasion he appeared at her front door surprising her and he certainly did, leaving no place for doubt anymore! Could this be the real deal for the couple??

Even though they haven’t publicly announced it they are certainly involved in some way; you can see in her twitter how excited and supportive she is of her boyfriend…and possible next Venezuelan president Henrique Capriles:


maribel petrola twitter

“Only 27 days, together we can do it” in reference to the upcoming elections.

Before Maribel it was rumored Henrique Capriles has a brief fling with Venezuela model Erika De La Vega, he once said  they has history together and that she would always have a special place in his heart, however Erika is now happily married to somebody else.

Erika de la Vega Henrique Capriles photoErika de la Vega Henrique Capriles picturesErika de la Vega Henrique Capriles picture
Erika de la Vega Henrique Capriles pics
Erika de la Vega Henrique Capriles picErika de la Vega Henrique Capriles

 He was also linked to Carla Angola, however he denied the was anything romantic between them, but for sure if he is elected president, he will get married, he said himself in the video below.

carla angola

It is also believed that they were on a little trip together at Morrocoy where they stayed in an apartment. It might be time for Capriles to leave the single life huh!