Vanessa Pitofsky- Texas Sgt. Nick Pitofsky’s wife


Meet Pennsylvania native, Vanessa Pitofsky. She is the woman who’s life was allegedly ended by her own husband. Her death is a real life –sleeping with the enemy type story.

She was married to believe it or not, police officer Nick Pitofski, the man whom she spend her nights and four years married to. Nick of the Crandall Police Department is believed to have deliberately killed his beautiful wife. According to reports, the couple was found lifeless at their Dallas, TX., home in what investigators are calling a murder-suicide.

Following a welfare check, officers found the horror-movie discovery of the couple dead from gunshot wounds. Hypothetically many reports speak in favor and against Vanessa’s husband, describing him as a well respected officer who will be missed by his peers and great friend.

But a video of him  posted just 5 days ago talking about his newest acquisition, a Mossberg 500 shotgun, saying

“I purchased this as a self-defense weapon for my household, essentially for my wife,’

Might be the answer to the death of his wife. Close friends to Vanessa also say, the 42-year-old revealed she had a jealous husband, and was even going to get off Facebook to avoid problems with him.

According to Vanessa’s profile, they were married December 10, 2010.


Vanessa called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania her hometown, she was born Vanessa Marie Michael according to online records and lived in Dallas, TX; Forney, TX; Iving, TX and Denton, TX. She was also related to Jason Michael, Raymond Michael and Alida Michael.


There is not much information found about her, other than the obvious, she was very beautiful. On the other hand her husband had had a stain free career as police officer. Vanessa’s husband in 2012 he was given the Reserve Officer of the Year award. NBC DFW reported that the 47-year-old had spent several months in 2007 working as a jailer with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. He was very knowledgeable in weapons as showed in the video.

The couple described by acquaintances as normal, lived in an apartment duplex on Browder Street in Dallas, TX.