Tonye Cole: Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend


African native Tonye Cole is the alleged boyfriend of reality TV star Kenya Moore. We heard about this couple last summer, when Kenya, former Real Housewives of Atlanta and current Celebrity Apprentice participant spoke about her secret “African prince” boyfriend.

She’s insinuated that she is dating Nigerian billionaire Tonye Cole, who happens to be married with three kids, according to reports. What else do we know about him?


Tonye who is an architecture graduate from the University of Lagos where he obtained his B.Arch/B.Es degrees, is the co-founder of Sahara Energy, Nigeria’s huge oil and gas company.


Sahara group founded in 1996 operates primarily through 9 operating companies with offices in 8 countries employing approximately 680 direct employees and annual turnover of $10.6 billion.


Mr. Cole set up the Sahara Foundation and works to inspire the youth of Africa through charities such as his NGO.

Continuing with our story, there’s only one problem with Tonye dating Moore, he and his wife Sylvia seem still pretty tight from what we can tell on his Twitter page.