Swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay Killed By her BF Nicholas Brooks


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It was belived the 33 year old prominent designer Sylvie Cachay died literally at the hands of her lover Nicholas Brooks when back in 2010 she was found half-clothed and face up in a bathtub at the Soho House hotel at 3am on December 9, 2010.

It was first reported the couple brawled over Sylvie’s partner use of escorts but Nicholas Brooks argued that it was “not a big deal” you know one of those heated discussions; and he was later accused of strangling her. Brooks’ father is “You Light Up My Life” writer Joseph Brooks.

In the hours after Miss Cachay was found, Brooks gave several statements to the NYPD and a Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that the 27-year-old remarks would be admissible in court. But Brooks has pleaded not guilty to murder in Sylvie Cachay’s death. Authorities say Cachay was drowned and Sylvie’s alleged killer says he left her woozy from medication and sleeping. A terrible tragedy?? Or an irresponsible incident?? A tragedy non the less.

Now, experts are saying the stunning swimsuit designer may have died of drugs and not strangulation by her beau.



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The rising fashionista was an only daughter of a wealthy couple based in Washington. Her father Antonio Cachay, a respected ear, nose and throat specialist in D.C. suburb and her mother Sylvia Cachay, a painter who spoke adoringly about her daughter’s upbringing. Sylvie attended the exclusive Langley and Madeira private schools.

Forensic pathologist Gerard Catanese revealed there were anti-depressants, sedatives and muscle relaxers in Sylvie Cachay‘s system when she was allegedly strangled and drowned but judge will rule whether his testimony is admissible.

But according to her parents this is impossible,

Sylvie didn’t do drugs, or drink or smoke, her mom insisted.

“She wasn’t that kind of girl,” her father added.

She is described as a true fighter and “she liked to save people” said also her mom. Is that why she was with Brooks?? A nice girl with a bad boy? After all Brooks was unemployed and had a “bad life”

According to Sylvie’s parents the couple first bonded when their daughter’s dog was run over, she was inconsolable and Brooks comforted her.

A webpage has been created by a collaborative effort of Sylvie’s friends and family who have mobilized to ensure that an unspeakable tragedy results in some positive benefit by supporting the causes closest to Sylvie.

Sylvie Cachay was a rising star in the fashion industry and kind soul who overcame many obstacles in life, but was tragically killed in December 2010 shortly before her 34th birthday. Her unparalleled style, creativity, talent, and hard work garnered critical acclaim especially for collections she created at Victoria Secret, Tommy Hilfger, Marc Jacobs, Ann Cole, and her own brand, SYLA swimwear. Although Sylvie was most recognized for accomplishements in high fashion, her true passion was using her creativity, expertise, and energy to mentor others in overcoming obstacles or difficult situations.

You can read more here. You can catch The Silvie Cachay Memorial Project on Facebook here.