Steven Prescod: Young Performer Gets Help from Prince Williams


Meet Steven Prescod, he is the the performer who wowed Prince Williams during a performance at the The Door –a Manhattan non-profit that helps kids and young adults get their lives back on track.

22-year-old Steven has a profile on


The 6’1″ and 164 lbs brave young man, performed for the duke and duchess and was so right on, that the future king approached him and said he wanted to help.


This was probably an unforgettable experience for Prescod who revealed the Prince went as far as giving him his phone number!


According to his LinkedIn Steven is an Independent Music Professional but Kate’s hubby wants to take that to the next level and said to Steven he wanted to improve his performance.

Prescod who resides in Bedford-Stuyvesant according to reports, talks about a rough childhood and how he ended up in jail during his rapping act, kind of like an African American Eminem if you will.

What would you do with Prince Williams digits?

You can find him on Facebook here.