Kat Stein: The Voice Matt McAndrew’s Girlfriend


Meet pretty Kat Stein, she is the girlfriend of The Voice contestant, Matt McAndrew! Her boyfriend currently on Team Adam has made it all the way to The Voice finale! Along with Chris Jamison, Craig Wayne Boyd and wild card Damien Lawson.


Straight from Jersey, Matt, like many other contestants knew music was something he wanted to pursue, while he and Kat share the music bond, she is, according to her Facebook, a piano instructor.


In high school he impressed his guidance counselor to the point of helping Matt with an audition at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where he received a four-year scholarship.


He has his won website up and running, mattmcandrewmusic.com where his debut album “View of the Pine” is already available. The tattooed singer-songwriter also offers T-Shirts with his own designs up for sale.


Matt who is easy recognizable for his unique style (hair and glasses), and Kat have been dating for a while, to be exact since May 25, 2011. She is from Vancouver, Washington.



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You can find lovely Kat on Instagram here.