Paul Titchener Husband of Missing Woman Jumped Off SF Bridge

Meet Paul Titchener

Paul Titchener is said to have committed suicide hours after giving a TV interview about his missing wife, reports say.

Paul Titchener a resident of Brisbane, south of San Francisco jumped off a bridge Tuesday night, just days after his wife was reported missing.

Paul Titchener was married to wife Shelley who had been missing for 10 days. Paul had not been identified as a suspect in his wife’s disappearance but had been named a person of interest in the disappearance of 57-year-old Shelley Titchener.

His wife –who suffered from bipolar disorder –vanished from their home without a car, cellphone or laptop. Shelley didn’t leave a note and she didn’t have her medication with her.

She is described as 5’9″, 140 lbs, age 57, blue eyes, brown hair, Caucasian, and she has a flower tattoo on her lower back.


Initial reports said she was last seen in her home in Brisbane on Saturday night 2/13/16 at around 11PM. The missing poster only said Shelley had told her husband that she would be staying for a friend for a couple of days.

According to authorities a female torso was found on Sunday, 30 miles from Paul and his wife’s home. Though the macabre remains have yet to be identified, there is a possibility they could belong to Shelley. The gruesome discovery had no arms or legs reports say.

62-year-old Paul gave an interview to KRON that aired Tuesday. During the interview he reveals he and his wife had an argument which made Shelley tell him she was going to stay with friends.

She was allegedly seen two days after leaving their home, while she was at the mall. However, none of their friends have said she was staying with them.

Paul died after he jumped off the Bay Bridge on Tuesday, the Fremont police identified his body. The coast guard recovered  his body 45 minutes later. Paul Frederick Titchener worked at Power Technology Inc., online info says.

Paul and Shelley Titchener are survived by two sons, including  James Titchener –who posted on Facebook he did not want friends speaking to the media about the case, saying

My mother Shelly Titchener and father Paul Titchener have recently passed. I hope that you will all respect the privacy of my family and I. Thank you to everyone who supported us in the search for my mother. Please do not speak to the media. I will be off of Facebook for sometime, but thank you for your kind thoughts.

James Titchener attended Terra Nova High School and currently lives in San Francisco.

The family home has been declared an active crime scene.