Michael David Barrett Erin Andrews’ Peeping Tom

Meet Michael David Barrett

Michael David Barrett has been known for years as the stalker of TV personality and host, Erin Andrews.

She is currently suing the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University and Windsor Capital Group, the management company, and her stalker, Michael David Barrett, for $75 million.

Michael David Barrett, chased Andrews all across the Marriotts of America back in 2008 and posted nude videos of her online.

At the time of the incident in September 2008, Erin worked as an ESPN sportscaster. Back in 2009, Barrett was identified as the man who took nude videos of the blonde.

Since then, Erin has been repeatedly link to the pervert –who she says he received the cooperation of various hotels who provided him with information about her reservations and accommodated his requests for an adjoining room.

An FBI investigation followed, and prosecutors said Michael David Barrett allegedly had asked for rooms next to the foxy sideline reporter’s rooms and shot eight videos of her as she undressed.

The FBI says it learned Michael Barrett’s identity by linking him to e-mails he sent to TMZ.

He apparently cut the outer lens off her hotel door peephole – either while she was out or before she even got there – and aimed his cell phone camera through the modified slot. He was also accused of posting the videos online and trying to sell them to the celebrity Web site.

Barrett uploaded several explicit videos of Andrews to a web site in 2009, titling the clips “Erin Andrews Spectacular Butt,” “Erin Andrews in a Pink Thong,” and “Erin go WOW!!”

Michael David Barrett used to work as a manager at Combined Insurance Company of America. He showed no previous trouble with the law before the nude videos.


Now 54, Michael David Barrett, an Oregon resident, is divorced and is the father of an adult daughter. His parents and other relatives said they were shocked to learn his secret. They described him as a regular, normal guy.

The Illinois insurance executive was first arrested in late 2009, at the time he was 47 and revealed there were other women. Charges included, interstate stalking with intent to harass, intimidate and cause emotional distress to the victim.

He then was released on $4,500 bond but was ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet. In March of 2010, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. Andrews was not happy.

Michael David Barrett was released from custody in July 2012, He was then, ordered to serve a three-year probation term. He is barred from having any contact with Andrews and/or her friends and family.