Monica Crout- Justin Bieber’s New Gal Chantel Jeffries Assault victim


Now that according to some- Chantel Jeffries- made her dream come true of having a famous boyfriend, the 21-year-old must go through the media scrutiny she has had ever since she was linked to Bieber’s drag race arrest and joined him on break in Panama.

She has tried to set the record straight but her whole life is being up for display as anyone who hangs out with a pop star would be.

Jeffries’ arrest for assault with a deadly weapon – which happened three years ago – has been widely reported since her wild night out with troubled Justin Bieber. We also know she is the daughter of a former Marine colonel which could explain for some her shocking transformation from a geeky, smart girl to a bad stabbing nut job! Defiant behavior from a pressured home? We’ll leave that diagnose for the experts but we do have some info on her victim, Monica Rae Crout.


Monica from Jacksonville, North Carolina was stabbed at least five times according to witness Tia Renzulli. A report from the Daily Mail claims, Chantel attacked 18-year-old Monica back in 2011 stabbing her terrified victim in the forearm, leaving her with horrible wounds.


They claim she only stopped slashing the girl when another friend – Tia Renzullia – jumped in and fought her off. They say Jeffries then fled the scene leaving victim Monica Crout covered in blood.

The argument apparently started when Jeffries took exception to a group of girls, Monica, Tia and Alyssa Daras, who called themselves, ‘The B***h Squad’.

The former high school students told MailOnline Jeffries thought she was coolest girl in town and wanted to prove a point. See what we are saying? Major mental problems! And what’s even worst Monica wasn’t even the intended victim!

Monica who now resides in Everett, Washington according to her Facebook seems to have left the incident in the past. She is the daughter of Connie Purdue Crout.

She attended White Oak High. She is a member of MCCS Camp Lejeune and is a Navy Quartermaster.

Monica became a mother last year and is in a relationship with Joseph Fuller.


Do you think Jeffries is guilty or not?

You can find Monica on Facebook here.