Tatiana Voziouk- Justin Bieber’s Maid talks about Drug abuse



Meet Justin Bieber’s former housekeeper, Tatiana Voziouk. Now that the teen pop idol is up to his nose in trouble with the laws who better to tell us about what was really going on inside the singer’s home!

The former housekeeper told Britain’s Sunday Peoplenewspaper,

“The drugs and hangers-on are turning Justin into a zombie,”

Tatiana worked at the Baby singer’s Southern California mansion and what she saw with her very own eyes was no kids play. She described how she eye-witnessed prescription drugs, marijuana and the dangerous cocktails of codeine-based cough syrup and soda — known as “sizzurp” — inside Bieber’s Calabasas compound.

The 47-year-old woman said she has decided to break her silence because she cares for him and doesn’t want him to become the next Michael Jackson. She started working for the teen star in August 2012.
Tatiana reveals how marijuana would be delivered to Bieber’s home by a legal drug company under the pretense of it being for medicinal purposes.



During the exclusive interview she gave Tatiana describes horrified scenes where Justin went from a “sweet and nice songwriting genius, to a oblivious pale zombie looking young man”

During her time working for the Baby singer, she witnessed how friend Lil Za pushed a white pill into Justin’s mouth last spring. She speaks in detail about the episode where she saw how Justin’s mansion had become a party den.

Ms. Voziouk worked at Justin’s service for a year, until August 2013. Her claims comes just days after Justin’s DUI arrest.

Ten days ago police swooped on the Canadian-born star’s house to investigate an egg-throwing incident at his next-door neighbour’s home. During their visit they ­reportedly found marijuana and smoking pipes. It was also claimed that five empty bottles of ­codeine were seized.

Which makes sense with Tatiana’s revelations. Do you agree with her, that Justin is a victim?

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