Married Elliott Sailors- From Female Model to Successful Male Model


Meet 31-year-old Elliott Sailors! She is a supermodel with a secret! Elliott who is an experienced model having done Editorial, Fashion and Runway is currently using androgyny to give her modeling career a new start!

Sailors who used to be a blond bombshell with the prestigious Ford modeling agency wasn’t finding much work and decided to give her modeling career a new twist posing as a male model! For that she had to go under an interesting makeover!

‘I’m starting over to have a longer career,

She told The New York Post. With freshly shaved locks and a wrapped bust, Sailors has begun her career as a male model and says the bold move has helped her career, she says the good thing about male models is that unlike female models they don’t need to look as young.



Her magazine appearances include American Harpers Bazaar, French Photo, Cosmopolitan both American and German issues, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Men’s Health.

The stunning model also happens to be married! We applaud her hubby (pictured below) for the support, he must be a really open minded fella! Her hubby is “Rocketeer, inventor of ideas, magic bean buyer and dreamer of dreams” Adam Santos-Coy.



On her twitter she gives a hint of the new path in her career writing

‘Model… More than just a girl”.

Ironically the former beauty-pageant contestant from Tucson, Ariz., Used to get frustrated because she thought she looked too masculine. The former jaw-dropping blonde who used to think she looked like a men wearing make-up because of her strong features now shows up to casting calls in flannel shirts, ripped jeans, boots and biker jackets!

She recently appeared  in the Icona Pop music video “All Night”

Now here is an interesting question, does she goes to the modeling gigs saying she is a woman or tries to fool them? On a model mayhem profile we found under her name, she says she is 21-years-old and says about herself

Interested in doing some new testing – mostly just for submissions/tears. Please only reach out if you have a complete team. I will not pay for testing! I’m very experienced and just got a new haircut so looking for new, amazing, high-fashion, editorial and beauty pics/tears Smile

She is gorgeous either way, don’t you think!

Smart move or desperate model? Any thoughts?

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