Mark Yagalla: Wall Street who Stole Hugh Hefner’s Girl


His name you’ve probably heard before, Mark Yagalla’s life –the man who was making over 10 millions a year at 22 and stole Sandy Bentley from Hugh Hefner –has been covered by The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, Daily Mail, CBS News’ 48 Hours, USA Today and other media.


Originally from Pennsylvania and a self described farm boy, Mark made $1 million by age 19, stole Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Playmate girlfriend by age 21 and was sent to federal prison by age 24.

He talks about everything on his tell-all-book “Wall Street Joyride: The True Story of the Prodigy, the Playmates and the Missing $50 Million.


Yagalla was the founder of Ashbury Capital and APEX Investments. He left Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and went to Wall Street. While working on Wall Street, Mark successfully raised/stole $50 million for his hedge funds.

He was rich, young and could have anything and anyone. He made that possible by giving Sandy Bentley –one of the Bentley twins – $100,000 monthly allowance and American Express platinum card with UNLIMITED CREDIT, according to his book. Sandy and Mark were together over a year.


By the time he turned 23 the dotcom bubble burst and his life came crashing down. He plead guilty to securities fraud at 24 and served five years in a United States federal prison.


Now a days, 37-year-old Yagalla is a coach, business coach, speaker and matchmaker who writes regularly about sex, sex addiction, celebrity culture, social media, investments, entrepreneurship. On his website he claims, his aim is to help people learn from his mistakes.



The ex-con –who is still paying the $50 million he raised from clients –currently lives in Thailand with his girlfriend.

You can Find him on Instagram here, Twitter here.